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The best gas grills for your summer (and spring and fall) barbecues

Can you smell that? It's almost barbecue season! That means you need to find that perfect gas grill for your summer gatherings. Here's a list of grills at all different price points, so you're sure to find what you need. More>>

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The best dishwashers you can buy right now

Tired of doing dishes by hand? Take a look at our picks of the four best dishwashers currently available and let a machine do the dirty work for you. They’ll do a much better job, anyway. More>>

How to download YouTube videos

If you need to learn how to download YouTube videos, this guide will take you through it step by step. We have picked the best solutions both online and off, letting you choose the one that's right for you. More>>

The best coffee makers you can buy

Whether you're looking for a simple coffee maker to get you through the morning or a high-end brewer that will impress your taste buds and your friends, you'll find some of the best coffee makers around on this list. More>>

Best tiny houses you can rent

Tiny homes are small, but they are mighty. It's the perfect getaway for when you want to travel light. From a secluded cabin in Switzerland to a rotating home in Portland, here are the best tiny homes to stay vacation in. More>>

May the forks be with you when you use the Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Begin your Star Wars adventure each morning with waffles, hash browns, or cookies from Uncanny's Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker. The waffle maker joins Uncanny's assemblage of Star Wars-themed countertop appliances. More>>

Red, white, or champagne: These wine fridges will help you sip in style

Why not get a wine fridge to keep your vintage reds and whites at the optimal serving temperature? One of these models can help you to organize your wines and treat them the way they're meant to be treated. More>>

How to take a screenshot on a PC

Capturing a screenshot of your desktop is easier than you might think, but it's the kind of thing you'll probably need to know. Here are the three basic ways take a screenshot on a PC, using both built-in utilities and... More>>

Ditch the milk crates. Store your vinyl properly in this elegant DIY stand

In this installment of Weekend Workshop, we show you how to build a classy record stand that makes milk crates look downright barbaric. Better yet, it doesn't require any glue, screws, or even very many tools to build! More>>

Six wine gadgets that wine drinkers will love

Tech is changing everything, and wine is no exception. We've rounded up the best tech gadgets wine drinkers will love having in their kitchen. They'll take your pouring and swirling a few steps closer to sommelier status. More>>

Looking for a tiny home? You can buy one on Amazon. No, really.

Who needs a real estate agent when you've got Amazon? You can buy a tiny home directly from the retail giant and have it shipped to you. For obvious reasons, most of these aren't eligible for Amazon Prime shipping. More>>

The best dryer you can buy

Dryers may be the afterthought when it comes to buying a laundry pair, but the best dryers have key features you should consider want when it comes to your new appliance, whether it's energy efficiency, steam, or... More>>

The best washing machines you can buy

It takes a special kind of person to love doing laundry, but the right machine can help make this chore a little easier. Check out our picks for the best washing machines on the market right now. More>>

Mozilla teamed up with a brewery for an open-sourced beer, and we downed a pint

Mozilla and Widmer partnered to create an open-source beer, informed by a survey of beer drinkers' tastes. The result, OpenSourcery, is a drinkable American IPA typical of the style, and it's just the beginning, More>>

The best refrigerators you can buy right now

There are tons of factors that go into buying a fridge, from size and capacity to color. It takes lots of research, but we've chosen the best refrigerators to get you started, regardless of what you're looking for. More>>

How to record a Skype call

Skype may be the premiere voice-over-IP service, but it doesn't include built-in software for recording audio or video calls. Here's how to how to record a Skype call using a variety of tools, including some freemium... More>>

Breathe clean air with the 10 best air purifiers for allergies

Warmer weather is a welcome change, but it's also the harbinger of allergy season. Our homes contain a surprising number of airborne allergens and other pollutants, so if you want to freshen things up, check out the 10... More>>

Google’s mini-golf pop-up event in NYC highlights its smart home products

Google is setting up a new pop-up experience in New York City. What is it? Well, it's a mini-golf course, with each hole being inspired by a different room in the home. The experience is built to promote Google's slate of... More>>

Having trouble keeping up with your meetings? Amazon Alexa can help

Alexa just became a whole lot more organized. Beginning this week, if you say, "Alexa, rearrange my meeting," she'll ask which event you need to be edited, and what new time slot you would like to occupy. More>>

You can get Amazon Alexa push notifications on weather, package delivery, and more

Do you wish that Alexa gave you alerts through Echo devices on the things you care about - from weather to package delivery? With Alexa push notifications now available for third party apps, you can get updates on all... More>>

The Moen Essie Pull-Down Touchless Faucet brings sense and style to your kitchen

Moen’sEssie MotionSense kitchen faucet is a solid showcase of style and tech. The automatic faucet helps keep both you and your faucet and sink clean by making sure you never have to touch it. More>>

Nectar’s adjustable bed frame comes with a NASA-inspired Zero Gravity setting

Who says you have to be horizontal to sleep? Not Nectar. But it's not just about the mattress for this bed-in-a-box brand - rather, the company is taking a holistic look at sleep with a new adjustable bed frame. More>>

How to buy Bitcoin

Is it time to purchase your first Bitcoin investment? If you're ready to get involved in the cryptocurrency, we'll walk you through how to pick an exchange, how to choose the right wallet, and how to buy Bitcoin the safe way! More>>

The best smart luggage

The bag you use to tote your stuff can affect the experience of any trip. In response, suitcases are wising up, and there are options for smart luggage with scales, tracking, and more. More>>

Here are the best indoor grills of 2018

Whether you want a small personal grill in the kitchen to get your meals just right, or a handy grill for parties when you don't have any space outside, we've found models that are just what you need. More>>

How to fix sound problems in Windows 10

Sound problems got you down? Don't worry, with a few tweaks and tricks we'll get your sound card functioning as it should and you listening to your favorite tunes and in-game audio in no time. More>>

How to change Amazon Alexa’s voice

If you live in a country where English is not the primary language, or you're learning a second language and want to get all the practice you can get, you can set Alexa's default language to one of nine other languages. More>>

How to build a computer

You could buy a PC off the shelf, or you could take matters into your own hands and pick out the parts and you want, roll up your sleeves, and put it together yourself. Here's how to build a computer, even if it's your first. More>>

Rule your home with custom voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant

Looking to take charge of your smart home device? With IFTTT, you can create custom, one-of-a-kind commands that are just between you and your Amazon Echo or Google Home device. Here's everything you need to know. More>>

It brews coffee … and beer? The Pico U is a DIY fix for all your vices

Don't call it a Keurig: The Pico U is PicoBrew's smallest, cheapest, and most versatile option yet. It's the only machine we've ever seen that brews both beer and coffee, but that's really just the start. More>>

The best pressure cooker on the market in 2018

Not all pressure cookers are created equally. You have to choose between stovetop cookers, multicookers, canners, and even microwave cookers. Our pressure cooking buyer's guide includes our picks for the best in each... More>>

How Savant makes a complex smart home run like a Swiss watch

Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri can talk to a bunch of different devices, but so far they aren't as good at making multiple devices work together. To fully automate a home, it helps to enlist home automation services... More>>

Tank vs. tankless heaters: Why tankless is not always the best choice

Tank vs. tankless water heater: Which is better? While some people think tankless is the better choice, that's not always the case. Here, we lay out the pros and cons to each, so you can make a more informed decision when... More>>

Netgear’s smart Arlo security light finally hitting the market

Netgear's Arlo security light has weather-resistance capabilities that will allow it to stand up to different weather conditions while guarding your home. The light also comes with built-in motion detectors. More>>

Whether you’re a novice or a master chef, here are the best oven ranges for you

Finding an oven that is right for you is hard. Whether you're a novice looking for an entry-level gas oven or a master chef looking to upgrade to the best, here are some of the best oven ranges available now. More>>

Google Assistant vs. Amazon Alexa: How do they compare?

Google announced several updates to the Google Assistant that will make Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max owners happy. But how do the improvements to the voice assistant stack up against Amazon Alexa's capabilities?... More>>

Syphon is an argon-injecting device to make your open bottles of wine last longer

To understand how Syphon plans to change your wine-drinking habits, you have to understand why wine goes bad so quickly after the bottle is opened. Wine reacts in such a way with oxygen that causes the taste of the vino to... More>>

LG gets smart and steamy to make your dishwashing experience easier

You don't have to like doing the dishes -- your LG dishwasher will do them for you. With the latest innovations from the home appliance maker, you won't have to worry about water spots or a shoddy wash job. More>>

The Brush Monster makes an augmented reality game out of oral hygiene

Launching soon on Kickstarter, the Brush Monster AR-enabled toothbrush comes from Samsung spinoff Kitten Planet, and promises to encourage and educate kids on healthy brushing habits. More>>

Suck up the savings with these vacuum cleaners on sale for $100 or less

Need some help cleaning up around the house? We've picked out 10 great vacuum cleaner deals available on Amazon right now, from full-sized upright models to robot vacs, to give you a hand and save you some money. More>>

How to take a screenshot on an iPad

The ability to capture screenshots may not be the iPad's most glamorous feature, but it's one of its most useful. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to take a screenshot on an iPad. More>>

Amazon Fresh says goodbye to its local third-party vendors

Amazon will stop allowing local third-party sellers to offer their goods on the platform. Previously, these vendors were given the opportunity to take part of Amazon Fresh's Local Market Seller initiative More>>

Get secure: Here are the best wireless security cameras on the market

Home security cameras can give you piece of mind, but if they have wires, are limited in where you can put them. We've rounded up the best battery-operated home security cameras to give you flexibility along with your... More>>

How to edit a PDF

Editing PDF files can be a real pain, but there are a few tricks to make the process a bit easier. This guide will give you three easy methods for how to edit a PDF, two of which work without needing Adobe Acrobat. More>>

Amazon Echo vs. Dot: What’s the difference?

Amazon Echo vs. Dot: Having Alexa answer your questions is nothing short of futuristic, but which device should you get? There are some big differences between the two, especially in size, sound, and cost. More>>

Induction is the best cooking tech you’re not using. This $1K range is a game-changer

Induction ranges have been around for decades, but they’ve always been expensive. The Frigidaire Gallery FGIF3036TF is the first one that’s under $1,000, and it boils faster than a microwave. We spent some time cooking on... More>>

A Ring doorbell vulnerability lets people snoop even after a password change

As per a new report, a major security flaw in popular video doorbells from Ring, the company recently acquired by Amazon for $1 billion, does not require users to re-log into the doorbell app when a password has been changed. More>>

How to get iMessages in Android

Most would agree that iMessage is nothing short of convenient -- if you're plugged into the Apple ecosystem. Thankfully, WeMessage allows you to receive iMessages on your Android device, rendering cross-platform messaging... More>>

Which way is which? Here’s how to quickly calibrate the Google Maps compass

Google Maps is a fantastic tool to make sure you're headed the right way when you're in an unfamiliar place -- but how do you know your little indicator is correct? Here's how to easily calibrate Google Maps and get... More>>

How to print to PDF in Windows

Even if Microsoft's latest operating system makes it easier than ever to print to PDF in Windows, there are alternative methods for doing so, even if you want to forgo Adobe Acrobat. Here's how. More>>

Hey Google, preheat the oven: More commands coming to Whirlpool appliances

Hey Google, start the dishwasher! Whirlpool's smart appliances will now have even more Google Assistant voice functionality, meaning that you can ask Google to turn on your smart dishwasher. More>>

What is Alexa? It’s Amazon’s virtual voice assistant

While "Alexa" has become synonymous with products like the Amazon Echo, you can't actually go out and buy an "Alexa." So what is Alexa? Here's everything you need to know about Amazon's virtual assistant. More>>

The best Amazon Echo Easter eggs

Sometimes all we really need is someone to talk to, which is why we've rounded up the best (read: funniest) Easter eggs currently embedded within Amazon's virtual assistant. Apparently, Alexa knows more than you might think. More>>

Let Alexa and Google Assistant help you celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

Get some help celebrating Mom this year with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which can help you order flowers, cook dinner, make reservations, and more. Both Google Assistant and Alexa have features that will allow you... More>>

Microsoft may be working on a Cortana smart speaker to rival Echo, Google Home

As assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri continue to gain ground, Cortana has faded to the background a bit. But this may change now that Microsoft is rumored to be working on its own smart speaker. More>>

Google Home finally plays nicely with its own Google Play Movies

Nearly two years after Google Home first made its debut, it's now finally compatible with Google Play Movies. That means that you can now control Google's native video streaming service using your Google Assistant and your... More>>

Get enlightened: Here are the best smart light bulbs of 2018

Modern light bulbs are more eco-friendly and capable than ever, which makes them a great choice for those looking to add some convenience to their at-home lighting system. We've rounded up the best smart bulbs available. More>>

Just say the magic word to unlock your Schlage smart lock

Unlocking your door no longer requires your key or even your hands. Thanks to smart lock maker Schlage and its new integration with Amazon Alexa, "Open Sesame!" can actually help you open doors. More>>

Our guide to the best robot vacuums

Robot vacuums are a convenient way to tidy up your home and minimize your weekly to-do list. From a top-of-the-line model to a handy budget option, here are five of the best robot vacuums you can buy right now. More>>

The best iRobot Roomba deals to make cleaning your home a breeze

Keep your home clean without lifting a finger using a robot vacuum cleaner. These nine iRobot Roomba deals not only help you keep your home tidy, but many also come with advanced features such as automatic scheduling and... More>>

Take charge of your yard with the Scotts Gro 7 Zone Smart Watering Controller

With real-time weather data and easy scheduling, watering your back yard just got a whole lot simpler. The Scotts Gro 7 Zone Smart Watering Controller lets you control how often you water your plants or grass via an app. More>>

No one injured as another Samsung washing machine explodes

A Texas family received an unwelcome surprise when their Samsung washing machine exploded over the weekend. The incident was the latest in a rash of explosions that have plagued Samsung since it revealed the potential for... More>>

California prepares to lead the nation in solar-equipped housing

The California Energy Commission is making a historic vote this week that would make the state the first to mandate the installation of solar panels on all new home construction starting in 2020. More>>

Beer kegs latest to join the smart-device party with the Kegtron

It's the 21st century, which means there is now officially nothing in your life that you can't make smart. Meet the Kegtron, a new device promising to bring "intelligence to your kegerator." Because nothing else really will. More>>

The Amazon Echo vs. the new Echo vs. the Echo Plus: Which should you get?

Amazon debuted a new lineup of Echo devices with some nifty new features. How do the new Amazon Echo and Echo Plus compare to the original? We break down the next generation's features. More>>

Modsy’s latest partnership will put a virtual designer in your home

A partnership between Architectural Digest channel Clever and home design company Modsy combines 3D renderings of your space and a team of style experts for a one-of-a-kind decorating experience. More>>

Google Assistant-enabled smart displays to start shipping in July

Look out, Amazon Echo Show: Your days of domineering the smart display market may be coming to an end. Google announced this week at Google I/O that smart displays featuring Google Assistant will be available starting in... More>>

How to use Google Docs

Google Docs remains popular among those not willing to opt for Microsoft Word, but figuring out how to create documents and collaborate with team members can be somewhat confusing to the uninitiated. Our guides lays out... More>>

The best Instant Pot recipes you need to try

Instant Pots are the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it appliance. The recipes are so versatile that you may not know where to start if you're new to the Instant Pot craze. We've rounded up the best Instant Pot recipes you need... More>>

How to use Google Drive

Learning the ins and outs of Google Drive takes time. We've put together an in-depth guide to using the service's many functions, whether you're looking to share a file or access it offline. More>>

As record numbers of fliers jam up TSA lines, here’s how to breeze through

As a record number of passengers are expected to travel through the nation's airports, they will face ever longer security lines. Here are eight ways to make the experience more manageable. More>>

How to get Amazon to deliver to the trunk of your car

Here's how to get Amazon to deliver to the trunk of your car with the new Amazon Prime service. We'll go over how to know if you qualify, how to sign up, and how to prepare your car so the delivery works out smoothly. More>>

Philips Hue smart home lighting app boosts features, simplifies customization

Easier navigation, customization, and smart home lighting management in the Philips Hue control app help users get creative with additional lighting design features without needing another semester of college. More>>

How to ‘Drop In’ on an Echo, Echo Show, or Echo Dot

Amazon recently rolled out a software feature called Drop In, which allows remote users to automatically connect to your Echo devices. Here's how to utilize it with your smart speakers, or prevent users from accessing it... More>>

Common iOS 11 problems and advice on how to handle them

Apple's iOS 11 is the latest version of the company's mobile operating system, but it still has some issues to be worked out. We've searched the internet to find the biggest iOS 11 problems, along with some potential... More>>

How to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

If you need to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, then this guide will show you how. Learn about Factory Reset Protection and how to remove it, and wipe your S7 clean without any problems. Follow these... More>>

Peek inside the outlandish mansions of tech titans, from Musk to Zuckerberg

Tech CEOs and other high-ranking execs sink big chunks of their paychecks into huge homes and mansions all over the country. Jeff Bezos has a bunch of properties, as does Michael Dell. Sometimes they buy the houses next... More>>

Beat the heat this spring and summer with these air conditioner deals

Now is the perfect time to save some money on portable air conditioners, before the dog days of summer arrive. Enjoy savings of more than 30 percent on new AC units from brand-name makers like Frigidaire and Black &... More>>

Make sweet smoothies and savory spreads with the best blenders you can buy

Would you rather have a blender that allows you to make a personal breakfast or fresh smoothies for the entire family? Luckily, the best blenders can do both, and then some. Here are some of our current favorites. More>>

Let the chaos begin! You can finally create your own Alexa Skills

Who says you need to be a developer to create skills for Amazon Alexa? Certainly not Amazon. The company launched Alexa Skill Blueprints, heralded as an easy way to create customized Alexa functions and responses. More>>

Breathe easy, save money with Honeywell’s 50250-S air purifier this allergy season

A good air purifier greatly improves the air quality inside your home and is a must-have if you suffer from allergies. The Honeywell 50250-S air purifier, now on sale from Amazon, is one of the best on the market. More>>

You can now pre-order the programmable Misty II robot

On Wednesday, May 2, Misty showed of the Misty II, a slightly more advanced version of the original Misty robot the company debuted at CES in January 2018. Crowdfunding pre-orders are officially open. More>>

Apple HomePod tips and tricks to get you started

From adding items to your grocery list to setting alarms, here are 18 of the best Apple HomePod tips and tricks to help you take your HomePod from a boring smart speaker to an awesome gadget you can't live without. More>>

How to use Google Pay and Google Pay Send

Google Pay and Google Pay Send are Google's twin payment services that allow you to quickly and easily pay at stores, or transfer money to family and friends. Here's how to set up your account. More>>

Control your SimpliSafe home security system with Amazon Alexa voice commands

SimpliSafe has added Amazon Alexa voice commands to its home security control system. With SimpliSafe's new Alexa skill, customers can use a single voice command to configure, arm, and check their home security system... More>>

Bissell’s new vacuum cleaner shows a genuine love for pets and their owners

Bissell Homecare is showing off its love for its customers' pets with a nifty new vacuum cleaner that picks up pet hair and debris, and washes floors and rugs, all at the same time. More>>

Vayyar Imaging’s new 3D sensors double down on ‘Superman vision’

Startup Vayyar Imaging is doubling down on its award-winning innovative technology with a new series of 3D-imaging chips that are smaller and more powerful than any previous iteration. More>>

From baking to air-frying, Breville’s Smart Oven Air does it all

Calling it a toaster oven really doesn't do the Breville Smart Oven Air justice. With 13 cooking presets, including air frying, it does more than any other toaster oven on the market. More>>

Just who saw that post anyways? A guide to Facebook privacy settings

Facebook offers a myriad of different privacy controls -- but they are sometimes hard to understand and to top it off, aren't even all on one page. Here's what Facebook users need to know about privacy. More>>

Facebook’s smart speakers will launch overseas before they hit the U.S.

As expected, Facebook did not debut its highly anticipated smart speakers at its F8 Developer Conference. Now, we're learning that they may make their debut overseas before they come to the U.S. More>>

A quick-and-easy guide to programming an RCA universal remote control

If you're tired of using a million different remotes in your home theater, office, or living room, you'll likely be interested in a single RCA universal remote. Here's how to program it for your system. More>>

Alexa’s bigger ‘brain’ is getting new skills, natural conversation, and memory

Get ready for some important changes to Amazon's Alexa. The digital assistant is getting some new functions including the ability to remember things, more natural conversations, and the ability to launch skills automatically. More>>

Want to know how to record calls on an iPhone? Check out our guide

Are you wondering how to record calls on an iPhone? It isn't as easy as you might think. Here, we walk you through the process of doing so with Google Voice and identify several alternative apps and external voice... More>>

Free yourself! How to unlock a phone from the icy hands of your wireless carrier

Do you want to know how to unlock a phone through your carrier or a third-party service like DoctorSIM? Regardless of which way you want to go, we've compiled a list of requirements and methods for doing so. More>>

How to build your own Alexa skills with Alexa Blueprints

Building new Alexa skills has never been easier! Thanks to Alexa Blueprints, you can pick a template and create any kind of Alexa skill you want. What new skill will you make first? Here's how to do it. More>>

Canary and partners to donate security devices to first responders in May

Verizon and State Farm are joining with home security provider Canary to pay tribute to first responders by donating more than 10,000 of the company's Canary all-in-one home security devices to police, fire and EMS... More>>

How to convert your videos from MKV to MP4

MKV files have their place, but if you would rather convert your videos from MKV to MP4, there are two methods we consider the best and most efficient for getting it done. In this guide, we'll walk you through them step by... More>>

Did Amazon just give itself a $2 billion raise? Prime will now cost $119 a year

Amazon is raising the cost of its Prime membership from $99 to $119 a year. It will go into effect for new sign-ups on May 11, and for renewals on June 16. Amazon launched Prime in 2005 and it now has 100 million members... More>>

If you live in a city, air pollution is so bad you might as well be smoking

By taking data from air quality stations around the world, thiis app translates the amount of pollution in your city into the number of cigarettes that could theoretically cause the equivalent amount of damage. More>>

How to copy and paste

Knowing how to copy and paste can make your computer use much more efficient and enjoyable. If you've gotten how to perform this simple function, don't fret! This handy guide will make sure you know how to do both and more... More>>

Mist is a wall-painting robot that does all the hard work for you

Have you ever painted a wall in your home? If you have the experience of painting a room by yourself, you know how difficult it can be. But there seems to be a solution in sight for all your house-painting woes. More>>

How to move Windows 10 to an SSD

Migrating your system from a dusty old hard drive to an SSD can be the biggest upgrade you ever give you system. To enjoy the snappy smoothness of an SSD-backed system, here's how to move Windows 10 to an SSD. More>>

This conductive paint transforms regular walls into giant touchpads

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have found a way to use conductive paint to turn regular, boring walls into ones that can detect human touch. Here's how. More>>

Study shows Google Assistant is smarter than its rivals

Which is the smartest smart speaker of them all? A recent study concluded that Google Assistant still leads the way, but its rivals from Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are catching up. More>>

How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

Chrome OS has a number of built-in screenshot options, and can also be used with Chrome screenshot extensions for added flexibility. You have a lot of options, but learning how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook is easy. More>>

Amazon smart security packages soften smart home setup learning curve

Amazon rolls out Smart Home Services state by state. The retail juggernaut competes with residential security companies while signaling smart that homes reach beyond techies and early adopters to mainstream consumers. More>>

Tile lets Comcast users use voice control to find keys, wallets, and even kids

Comcast is augmenting its Xfinity cable and internet service once again by adding a new functionality for customers to search for and track Tile's Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices and display the results on their TVs. More>>

Back to School Essentials – The Must-Haves for 2017

Summer is almost over and that means students across the country are going back to school. It’s time to stock up on gear and get ready for class, at home and on the go.

Lifestyle & Trends Expert Justine Santaniello partnered with some of her favorite brands for a look at the back to school essentials that students and parents should check out this school year!


Hovering parents may harm kids

Children with "intrusive" parents who push too hard for good grades may be more prone to become highly self-critical or anxious and depressed, a new study suggests.


Family key to helping teens avoid obesity

Having a stable family and a good relationship with mom and dad makes young people more likely to develop healthy habits that may protect them against obesity, a new study suggests.


Savvy marketing gets school kids to snap up veggies

While clever marketing can steer kids towards junk food, a new study shows that creative advertising can also prompt more kids to eat veggies.


Those baby 'milestones' may have longer-term importance

Babies who learn to stand up relatively early may also do a bit better with attention, memory and learning by the time they are preschoolers, a new study suggests.


Americans living longer and better

Americans aren't just living longer, they're living more years without disabilities, too, a new study shows.


Kids' grades may suffer when families move

Moving to a new home may harm young children's school performance, a study suggests.


Growth spurts can throw off teen boys' strut

Growth spurts can affect teen boys' coordination and knock the swagger right out of their stride, a new study reveals.


Frat brothers keep chugging despite anti-booze efforts

The boys of "Animal House" and "Neighbors" may be immune to anti-boozing programs that curb drinking for other college kids, new research suggests.


Calling your kid 'fat' could be counterproductive

Two studies highlight the complex relationship between parents' perceptions and their children's weights.


8 summer health myths debunked

Thanks to the excessive heat and lots of outdoor activities, the summer lends itself to plenty of claims about health and safety. However, many of these adages simply aren't true.


Late dinners won't doom kids to obesity

Late suppers may not be a recipe for childhood obesity, a new study shows.


What really works to help baby sleep

Common techniques for helping babies -- and parents -- sleep at night seem to carry no long-term harms, a small trial finds.


Too few Americans take advantage of local parks

Most neighborhood parks in the United States are geared toward younger people, which limits their use, a new study suggests.


When new moms work longer hours, breast-feeding takes a back seat

Every working mom knows how hard it can be to juggle the demands of her job with the needs of her new baby, particularly when it comes to breast-feeding.


What works -- and doesn't -- to manage your tot's screen time

As any parent of a preschooler knows, media management can be a minefield of do's, don'ts -- and tantrums.


Climate change may mean more smoggy days to come

Climate change could cause many major American cities to experience more days with heavy ozone pollution in the coming decades, a new study predicts.


More kids being poisoned by detergent pods

A growing number of small children are getting their hands and mouths on colorful detergent pods, with serious and sometimes fatal consequences, a new study finds.


Retirement can be golden for your health

Although aging may mean more physical problems, retirement can help people lead healthier lives, a new study from Australia suggests.


Let safety bloom in your garden this season

Gardening offers exercise and fresh food, but don't forget to protect yourself from potential hazards, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.


Nagging your kids about weight might backfire

When parents believe their children are overweight -- regardless of whether they are or not -- those kids are likely to gain weight, a new study suggests.


Americans' longer life = poorer health

Americans are living longer, but those extra years may include poor health or a disability, a new study finds.


Schools in most states skimp on phys ed

Most states don't provide students with enough physical education, a new report finds.


Intensive exercise a fountain of youth for aging muscles

One key to keeping muscles young is as close as the nearest gym, researchers say.


What it really takes to win over a picky eater

How a produce-loving parent confronts her kid's vegetables anxieties head-on


Breakfast in school classrooms expands participation, not waistlines

The number of New York City kids eating free breakfasts in public school classrooms is growing, but the obesity rates are not, a new study finds.


More U.S. women delivering babies at home or birth centers

More women in the United States are choosing to deliver their babies at home or in birth centers, a new study indicates.


School breakfast programs vital, even if some kids also eat at home

Students who eat two breakfasts are less likely to become overweight or obese than those who skip the morning meal, according to a new study.


Good sleep habits ready kids for school success

Children who have good sleep habits by age 5 do better at school, a new study finds.


How to purchase a home in a competitive market

8 ways to prepare yourself and your finances for buying a home this spring


Even gardening or dancing might cut Alzheimer's risk

Regular physical activity, including gardening or dancing, may cut Alzheimer's risk by as much as 50 percent, a new study suggests.


Head lice no cause for panic

Most parents have at one time or another received the dreaded school notice: a case of head lice has been detected in your child's class.


Tablets often used to pacify difficult kids

Some parents use mobile phones and tablets to calm young children with behavioral problems, a new study finds.


Fidgeting may help students with ADHD learn

Students who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often get into trouble for fidgeting in the classroom, but that fidgeting may help them learn, new research suggests.


Exercise + classwork may = better math scores

Schoolchildren may have an easier time learning if exercise is part of their math and spelling lessons, a new study suggests.


Could adults' expectations drive up ADHD diagnoses in kids?

Rates of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have risen globally, and adults' unreasonable expectations of young children could be one reason why, researchers suggest.


Uncorrected eye problem linked to learning issues for preschoolers

Preschool children with uncorrected farsightedness are at risk for literacy problems, new research suggests.


Study ties parents' criticism to persistent ADHD in kids

Constant criticism from parents reduces the likelihood that children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) will have fewer symptoms by the time they reach their teens, a new study suggests.


Texting after dark may harm teens' sleep, grades

Instant messaging can be a source of emotional support for teens and help them collaborate on school projects, but new research shows that texting after the lights go out takes a toll on students' sleep quality and academic performance.


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