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Anglers wondering why boat launch will be closed

TV5's Faith Gantner reports from Bay City, where another season of fresh water fishing is getting underway but a popular boat launch will be closed.

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Community questions why flood gates were opened

TV5's Faith Gantner reports from Sanford, where residents are questioning the necessity of opening flood gates in the community.


Residents complain mobile home park underwater

TV5's James Felton reports from Midland, where residents of a mobile home park are complaining about flooding and they say management is doing nothing about it. More>>

TV5 Getting Results: Water main break fixed

Water bubbled up from the middle of the street and residents turned to TV5 crying out for help.


TV5 helps painting company get results

TV5's Gino Vicci reports from Saginaw Township, where a painting company is thankful that TV5 stepped up and asked the tough questions. More>>

Getting results: TV5 helps man with parking tickets

TV5's Gino Vicci has the story of a man who once owed hundreds of dollars in parking tickets, but thanks to TV5, the man is no longer on the hook.


Business owner claims to be scammed by online advertiser

TV5's Gino Vicci reports from Bay City, where a business owner claims an online company advertised her grooming services without her permission.


Residents complain of flooding at mobile home park

TV5's Erik Horn asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why officials at a mobile home park have allegedly been neglecting resident's flooding concerns. More>>


Dozens remain without heat in Bay City

TV5's James Felton reports from Bay City, where dozens of people remain in the dark due to a water main break that took place last Thursday. More>>


Theater chain not showing new Cesar Chavez film

TV5's James Felton asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why a local movie theater is not playing a film featuring civil rights leader Cesar Chavez. More>>

Tough Questions: Crews fixing potholes?

WNEM TV5's Faith Gantner is Asking the Tough Questions. More>>

Tough Questions: Crumbling I-beam spotted at high school

The support beam was in a Caro High School hallway, and some parents were skeptical about what was being done to fix the problem. More>>

Tough Questions: Why are propane prices so high?

TV5 has had multiple complaints from people who say they ended up paying much more for the gas than they were originally told. More>>

Refunds coming for customers who lost items in roof collapse

Getting Results: A pregnant woman reached out to TV5 to help her after she lost several items she had on layaway at an area KMart. More>>

Tough Questions: Homeowner upset over constant power outages

Power has been out three times since Thanksgiving and now, after the latest outage, this local homeowner is demanding answers from the power company. More>>

Parents question heating issue at area school

One district is now coming under fire for putting kids back in the classroom -- but parents say the school didn't have heat. More>>

Getting Results: Trash at church possibly tracked to culprit

Since TV5 first reported last week in our Asking Tough Questions story, Pastor Tony Richmond and his wife Brenda now know exactly who dumped trash in front of their church on Christmas Day. More>>

Tough Questions: Petroleum company declares bankruptcy

TV5 first told you about a local home-heating supplier that suddenly closed its doors, leaving its pre-paid customers holding the bag -- now the customers are still in the dark, wondering if they'll ever get their money back. More>>

Resident uses Christmas display to protest historic commission

A Bay City resident upset with the local historic commission is taking his message to the people. More>>

Tough Questions: No toxic oversight?

Residents are wondering if enough is being done when it comes to removing a toxic material from area homes. More>>

Getting Results: City blocks access to dangerous site

The Baker Perkins building was being demolished, then crews suddenly stopped working -- what they left behind was a hazard for area children. More>>

Tough Questions: Downed power line threaten hunters

Hunters are on the prowl in Millington -- but there's danger lurking in these woods. More>>

Tough Questions: Why is I-675 ramp closed?

Drivers want to know why the ramp is closed, as it could help alleviate congestion caused by passing trains. More>>

Tough Questions: Senior complex riddled with bed bugs?

Residents at Maplewood Manner Apartments say they've been living with bed bugs for a year. More>>

Business owners complain of ongoing construction

TV5 is Asking the Tough Questions on why a construction project in Bay County is taking so long. More>>

Tough Questions: Ongoing construction impacts local businesses

The work has been going on since April, and they say it was supposed to be done by mid-summer -- but now, all these months later, the project is still underway. More>>

Tough Questions: Security concerns at new CMU medical campus?

Students at CMU are expressing concern over security at the school's medical campus in Saginaw. More>>

Questions mount as to why ambulance took so long to get to HS game

Some think an ambulance took too long to arrive at a high school football game on Friday where a player suffered a neck injury -- now 911 dispatch is under fire. More>>

Tough Questions: EMS protocols under fire

Some local officials are calling on dispatchers and ambulance companies to make some changes to the way they deal with injured athletes. More>>

Tough Questions: Parents upset over notification of school lockdown

A student went to school with a pellet gun, forcing the building into lockdown mode -- but parents say they weren't notified of the incident until hours after it happened. More>>

Tough Questions: Neighbors didn't know of halfway house

Residents near where a triple shooting killed two and injured another said they didn't know the house where the shooting happened was a halfway house. More>>

Restaurant shuts down after employees walk out

The employees say they haven't been paid in weeks and are owed thousands of dollars -- now TV5 is Asking the Tough Questions. More>>

Tough Questions: Why did Saginaw inherit B.V.'s school buildings?

The Saginaw School District inherited several buildings from the recently-dissolved Buena Vista District -- but what are they going to do with all these abandoned buildings? More>>

Tough Questions: No 13th check for public safety retirees

Bay City city commissioners decided against bringing back the city's so-called "13th bonus check" program, leaving some retirees furious -- and wondering why. More>>

Tough Questions: Pre-paid customers denied refunds after biz closes

Several customers paid up front for their winter fuel and now they say the company is refusing to give them a refund after going belly-up. More>>

Tough Questions Follow-Up: More victims of heating oil company come forward

Since we first reported how a customer was out more than $1,000 when a local heating oil company folded, more victims have come forward to say they've been scammed too. More>>

Tough Questions: Farmers say fuel oil supplier owes them refund

A local fuel oil supplier suddenly closed its doors, leaving its pre-paid customers high and dry -- now a new class of customers is emerging, claiming to be out tens of thousands of dollars. More>>

Tough Questions: Refunds from gym owner?

A local gym owner closed his doors and several members have come forward saying they've lost money they paid up front. More>>

Tough Questions: Roadways causing damage to vehicles?

Residents in one local community say a stretch of road is in such a state of disrepair that it's causing serious damage to their vehicles. More>>

Tough Questions: Cafe-style seating? No, says some businesses

Some businesses are saying "no" to the city's plans to extend the sidewalk so that business can offer cafe style seating. (7-22-2013) More>>

Tough Questions: What can be done about violence in Flint?

Seven people have lost their lives to street violence in less than a week and that has people wondering, what can be done? (7-22-2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Group may pull support for animal shelter

A local animal shelter is under scrutiny after one of its most loyal donors decided to re-evaluate its support. (7-19-2013) More>>

Tough Questions: More people speak out against monument maker

The owner of a monument company says he will keep his promises to customers who don't think they've gotten what they've paid for -- now new allegations are coming to light. More>>

Woman hit with $745 Consumers Energy bill

TV5's Brian Wood went to Consumers Energy to Ask the Tough Questions -- and he got results! More>>

Tough Questions: Residents complain about tall height of un-mowed grass

Local residents are angry about tall grass -- up to 4-feet in some places -- and they believe their complaints are going unanswered. More>>

Getting Results: Local leaders address tall grass situation

TV5 is getting results after Asking the Tough Questions -- local leaders have finally stepped up after receiving hundreds of complaints about long grass growing everywhere in their township. More>>

Tough Questions: $23,000 to remove paint cans?

One Mid-Michigan county that's already $2 million in the red plans to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fix a project -- TV5's Gino Vicci is Asking the Tough Questions. More>>

Tough Questions: DNR wants to remove family pet

The DNR says the family is breaking the law by keeping Lilly in their home -- now TV5 is asking The Tough Questions. More>>

Tough Questions: Residents say no tornado warning was issued

Residents in Beecher say they had no advanced warning of the EF-1 tornado that blew into the area Tuesday night. More>>

Unclaimed cash: Does the state owe you any money?

WNEM TV5's Cheri Hardmon delivered some good news to local people with no idea they had cold hard cash waiting for them. More>>

Tough Questions: Why won't portrait studio return photos?

A local woman went to a portrait studio to get pictures of her little boy -- but that studio went out of business and now those precious baby pictures can't be found! More>>

Tough Questions: Vet's Park boat launch a mess

Debris is blocking boaters from launching at Bay City's main boat launch -- the city says the situation will be remedied by the end of this week. More>>

Tough Questions: Are utilities responsible for power surges?

Is the power company responsible for a surge while their crews are in the process of restoring electricity to a home? More>>

Tough Questions: Why won't bank maintain foreclosed home?

Most of the homes on an area street are well taken care of -- but residents say the owners of one home are being bad neighbors. More>>

Tough Questions: Tombstone troubles haunt local woman

An area woman wanted a tombstone for her husband's grave and put down more than $1,000 -- and she's still waiting for the monument. More>>

Tough Questions: Stoplight proposal worries some residents

The county road commission is considering removing a stop light -- but residents who live nearby say that light can mean the difference between life and death. More>>

Getting Results: Consumers rescheduled planned outage

When Consumers Energy customers -- with sump pumps running hard to prevent flooding -- were told the power company was going to shut down the juice for a few hours for repairs, they turned to TV5 for help. More>>

Tough Questions: Intersection blamed for deadly crashes

Local homeowners say they are living in fear -- thanks to one very dangerous intersection. More>>


Tough Questions: Unsafe house a hazard for kids?

A concerned mother says it isn't safe and she wants someone to fix the problem before anyone gets hurt. More>>

Tough Questions: How to probe dangerous dogs?

The discussion comes after a pit-bull mix attacked a 3-year-old girl last week -- her family wanted the dog gone, but couldn't afford the $100 fee to collect the animal. More>>

Tough Questions: Home inspection led to tax hike

Imagine someone from the government coming into your home for an inspection -- that results in a tax hike! More>>

Tough Questions: Hospital workers victimized by ID thefts

A number of employees at McLaren Flint learned someone tried to file a tax return using their personal information. More>>

Tough Question: Who is at fault in dog attack?

A 3-year-old girl is recovering from the dog attack -- now her family says all this could have been avoided if animal control had a different policy -- TV5 continues to Ask The Tough Questions. More>>

Tough Questions: Should state monitor school lockdowns?

Schools do have to report on violence, truancy, and vandalism -- so why doesn't the state keep tabs on school security plans? More>>

Tough Questions: $20K to hire firm to find city manager?

Bay City is making cuts to public safety to help balance the budget -- so why is the city spending more than $20,000 to hire a head-hunting firm instead of trying to fill the spot on their own? More>>

Tough Questions: Retire told to pay back taxes on pension

And so he did -- but come to find out, the city made a mistake -- and now owes him money. More>>

Tough Questions Follow-Up: Gas leak controversy

Residents say the gas release structure is a ticking time bomb and it's scaring them to death -- but the local energy company says it's no big deal -- residents don't buy it and they're sounding off. More>>

Already paid? Parking ticket troubles hit Saginaw workers

Some people in Saginaw got parking tickets and paid them -- only to be informed they hadn't -- and to make matters worse, to fix the problem, they have to deal with a processing center that's more than 700 miles away! More>>

Tough Questions Follow-Up: Parking ticket fiasco

The city of Saginaw is rectifying a situation where drivers who incurred a parking ticket but still got a delinquent notice claiming they didn't pay. More>>

Tough Questions Follow-Up: Parking ticket fiasco fixed

Multiple local residents got notices saying they failed to pay their parking tickets, even though they could prove they did -- now officials say they think they've sorted out the problems. More>>

Tough Questions: Dirt road detour closed to motorists

Bridge work on M-25 near the Tuscola-Bay County line forced drivers to find a shortcut on a dirt road -- but after weeks of wear and tear, that detour was shut down. More>>

Tough Questions: No alarms during motel fire?

Some of the people staying at the inn didn't even know there was an emergency -- and despite the fire, the hotel never closed. More>>

Tough Questions Follow-Up: Hotel fire

A local hotel didn't have working fire alarms during a blaze -- and we've discovered there are more safety concerns at this hotel. More>>

Tough Questions: 1 mile detour or 30 mile detour?

Crews doing bridge work on M-25 on the Tuscola Bay County line are asking drivers to take about a 30 mile detour -- but motorists have found a much shorter route on a dirt road. More>>

Tough Questions Follow-Up: McLaren Pensions

Retirees have been shocked to learn they may be forced to pay back money from their pensions – up to $20K in some instances. More>>

Program seeks to assist area veterans

TV5's Kristin Moore lets us know about a special agency that seeks to help assist veterans in attaining the benefits they've earned. More>>

Tough Questions

Did abuse case go unchecked?

TV5's Carrie Sharp asks the tough questions, trying to figure out if a state agency neglected a case of child abuse. More>>


Were power companies prepared for outages

TV5's Faith Gantner asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why power companies took so long to get the power back on and if they're prepared for future outages. More>>

Extended power outages in Mid-Michigan

TV5's Faith Gantner asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why it took so long for residents to have their power restored. More>>

Customers complain of possible price gouging

TV5's Gino Vicci asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why local customers are paying nearly doubled what they paid just a short time ago. More>>

Tough Questions: Unemployment fraud costs taxpayers big

TV5's Gino Vicci asks the tough questions, letting us know how much money unemployment fraud costs local taxpayers. (11/27/2013) More>>

Special report: Free breast implants?

TV5's Colette Boyd has a special report on women soliciting donors in order to get free breast implants. More>>


Are headstones being tampered with?

TV5's James Felton asks the tough questions of a local cemetery owner after customers have complained about headstones being tampered with. (11/8/2013) More>>

Advice on dealing with bed bugs

TV5's Gino Vicci asks the tough questions, letting us know about what we can do to eliminate bed bug infestations in Mid-Michigan. (11/8/2013) More>>


Child abuse challenges: One family's ordeal

TV5's Gino Vicci has the story of a local family that had their children taken away from them all because of a lie. More>>


Pot for pets?

It's legal here for humans but what about pets using medical marijuana? Some patients say it's helping their animals deal with pain and illness. TV5's James Felton has the details. More>>


Deplorable conditions found at transitional home

TV5's Carrie Sharp reports from Saginaw, where she asks the tough questions after deplorable questions were found at an area transitional home. (11/21/2013) More>>

Tough Questions

Guns made from 3-D printers

TV5's Craig McMorris has this I-Team piece on guns made of plastic, created by 3D printing technology, and local law enforcement say they pose a serious danger. (11/21/2013) More>>

Budget cuts could mean drastic changes in school district

TV5's James Felton reports from Saginaw, where the city's school district may have to make drastic cuts if proposed budget cuts take place. (10/18/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Gym owner skips out on members

TV5's Gino Vicci reports from Standish, where customers and former employees say a gym owner owes them money after leaving them high and dry. (10/4/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Neighbors say drivers are out of control

TV5's James Felton reports from Saginaw, where residents in an area neighborhood are complaining about people driving too fast. (9/27/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Halfway house secrecy

TV5's Gino Vicci reports on the state of Michigan not being required to inform the public or police about transitional housing in their area. (9/27/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Road project causing big delays

TV5's Faith Gantner reports from Saginaw Township, where a construction project is beginning to upset nearby residents. (9/6/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: When will Bay City Hall re-open?

TV5's Craig McMorris reports from Bay City, asking the tough questions as to when the City Hall will reopen. (9/16/13) More>>

Tough Questions: Fight at school district continues

TV5's Gino Vicci reports from Rose City, where the fight continues in the school district after teachers defended a convicted sex offender. (9/17/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Man paying up after alleged headstone scam

TV5's Gino Vicci reports from Bay City, where a local businessman is finally paying up, after allegedly scamming clients on cemetery headstones. (8/26/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Saginaw schools could have sold building scheduled for demolition

TV5's Brian Wood asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why the Saginaw Public School system didn't sell a building that is now slated for demolition. (7/16/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Tackling crime in Flint

TV5's Liz Gelardi reports from Flint, where local leaders are hoping to combat the recent influx of violence in the city. (7/17/2013) More>>

Tough Questions: Local city refuses to pay claims after sewage backups

TV5's Gino Vicci report from Saginaw, where residents are upset after city officials refused to pay for damage done to homes by a sewage backup caused by heavy rainfall. (7/17/2013) More>>

ASKING TOUGH QUESTIONS: Will you be able to retire?

TV5's Craig McMorris asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why so many people are working past the traditional retirement age. More>>

Asking Tough Questions

Storefront gambling: TV5 gets results

TV5's Liz Gelardi continues her I-Team piece on an internet cafe in Bridgeport, accused of running an illegal gambling operation. More>>

Asking Tough Questions: Who should pay for schools who change mascots?

TV5's Jonathan Lowe asks the tough questions, trying to figure out who will pay for the cost of schools who must change their mascot. More>>

Asking Tough Questions: Medical bill meltdown

TV5's Kristin Moore asks the tough questions, breaking down complicated medical bills to make them easier to understand. More>>

Asking Tough Questions: Dangerous Limousines

TV5's Craig McMorris asks the tough questions, getting to the bottom of what to look out for when renting a limousine for the prom and wedding season. More>>

Asking the Tough Questions: Storefront gambling?

TV5's Liz Gelardi reports from Buena Vista, where an internet cafe is being investigated as being a possible gambling operation. More>>


Tough questions: How should drones be used?

TV5's Craig McMorris has this I-Team piece, investigating whether or not drones are being used to spy on and possibly kill people illegally. More>>


Tough Questions: Sex trafficking

TV5's Gino Vicci tells the story of one woman, who has spent a majority of her life in the sex trade. More>>

Tough Questions: One woman's tale of domestic slavery

TV5's Gino Vicci tells one woman's story of being forced into domestic slavery after arriving in the United States from West Africa. More>>

Tough Questions: Catching hidden charges

TV5's James Felton asks the tough questions, telling the story of a Mid-Michigan man who was allegedly duped because of hidden charges in his cable bill. More>>


Tough Questions: Fighting back against FEMA flood zones

TV5's Craig McMorris lets us know about local residents who are forced to pay higher insurance premiums because of new FEMA flood zones. More>>

Tough Questions: Counterfeit airbags

TV5's Gino Vicci asks the tough questions as he investigates a national trend of using counterfeit airbags in vehicles. More>>

Tough Questions: Football Fake

TV5's James Felton reports from Mount Pleasant, where a 21-year-old male is in hot water for falsifying documents to play high school football. More>>

Tough Questions: Gas leak problems?

TV5's Andrew Keller reports from Chesaning, where local residents are complaining about a foul smell that has been in the air recently. More>>


Tough Questions: Bullying in schools

TV5's Liz Gelardi asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why incidents of bullying are on the rise. More>>

Tough Questions: More parent drive drunk with kids in car

TV5's Kristin Moore asks the tough questions, trying to figure out why there is an influx of cases involving parent driving drunk while a child is in the car. More>>


Tough Questions: Concerns over cell phones

TV5's Bill Walsh examines why it might be right for you to tell your child no when it comes to buying a cell phone. More>>


Tough Questions: Fired for posting on Facebook?

TV5's Jonathan Lowe talks with a local woman who was fired from her job for posting personal issues on Facebook. More>>


Mother's emotional interview after son fakes his own death

TV5's David Custer has the story of a mother who was heartbroken after she mourned the death of her son for weeks, only to find out that he was never dead. (11/15/2013) More>>

Asking Tough Questions: Unclaimed cash

TV5's Craig McMorris asks the tough questions, alerting communities across Mid-Michigan of unclaimed cash that they have access to. More>>

Residents complain of uncleared sidewalks

TV5's David Custer reports from Saginaw, where residents are complaining of snow-covered sidewalks, forcing them to walk on busy streets. More>>

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