Read: What Residents Felt During Earthquake 6-23-2010 - WNEM TV 5

Read: What Residents Felt During Earthquake 6-23-2010

E-mail TV5: Where are you and what did you feel? Several Mid-Michiganders have submitted these descriptions in response to the earthquake tremor that was felt in our region:

Sitting at my desk in Brownstown, Michigan and I felt the floor vibrate pretty hard for about ten seconds. I actually thought someone was using a jack hammer right outside the office! -- Jenn - Brownstown, MI

I was in bed at the time of the quake, I have a waterbed and it felt like I was on a boat, didn't know what was going on till I heard about the quake at 3. -- Michelle

I was sitting at my desk in our office on the second floor of an old farmhouse, and my monitors started swaying back and forth. I could feel the floor moving underneath me, just slightly. Then the monitors started moving again. We are just southwest of Marlette, in the thumb. -- Nathan D. Hager

I work at Dow (Michigan Operations) in the 1776 Building on the second floor and felt the building move. At first I brushed it off, but after a few seconds, the thought crossed my mind that it might be an earthquake. I, and three other employees, all stepped out of our offices to ask if they had felt the building move, so I knew it had happened – an earthquake in Michigan!! It was scary, as I wasn’t sure what effect it would have on our building. -- Mary R.

I was looking at my computer screen and next thing it felt like it was moving, starting getting a bit dizzy then it went away. Did not think anything about it. -- Alex O

I was in the Medical Arts 2 building in Sag Twp in the lobby and felt a rumbling like thunder and turned around to look outside expecting it to be storming, but it was bright out with the trees just blowing. This was approximately 1:45. I thought it was really strange and just passed it off, until I heard all this talk about an earthquake. I figured that was what I experienced...crazy! -- Angie

I am in the 2030 Building at Dow Chemical on the 7th floor and it felt like the building was swaying back and forth and shaking. I thought I was getting dizzy or something but then everyone ran out of their offices freaking out. It was a weird feeling since we don’t typically get earthquakes in Michigan. -- Kyle S. Hebert

I too was at work at Dow Chemical in Midland. Reading an email, sitting very still when I had the sensation I could pass out….just a very dizzy feeling. I looked to my left where I have a flash drive on a wall tack, it was moving. I thought for a moment "Earthquake?", then said no way, we're in Michigan and brushed it off. Then our Corporate Services came out with an email stating it was in fact an Earthquake. Always wondered what they are like, now I know. -- Gary

Greetings, The Earthquake explains the square of colors I saw in the sky on Sunday. I was not sure what I was looking at, googled non-rain rainbow and it stated that it was a sign that an earthquake was coming. Is this true? (four of us saw it, no I was not drinking) I brushed it off.

I was sitting at my desk and my chair moved back and forth. I thought I got dizzy for a second and didnt say anything to anyone and then a friend called and asked if I felt the earthquake. Then I remembered what my chair did, so I did mention it to a coworker (she was on her lunch when it happened). She said that was what moved her car while she was sitting in it. Auburn. LCF.

I work at the Saginaw ISD Transitions Center on Fashion Sq Blvd. I was in my office here at Instructional Services when I felt my desk shake. A custodian was shampooing the carpet out in the hallway and so I dismissed the shaking as a result of that. When I saw your headline at I realized that it was probably the earthquake in Canada. I'm still having a hard time believing it but one of co-workers who sits across a walkway from me felt it too. -- Phylis Isanhart-Beyer

The Earthquake was felt up here in West Branch too. It felt like a small wave going through the ground. Pretty odd since we don't experience earthquakes here in Michigan that often. -- Just thought I'd let you guys know, Donny

I felt it here at Delta college. No one believed me when I asked them. They felt it was the construction. -- Sheilanthi Chandran

I was sitting at my desk and felt the chair move and a picture move I did not say anything because I did not want the other employees to think I was going crazy but then another employee said she felt her chair move when she was on lunch so then I told them what I felt I knew I was not crazy at that point. -- Carol Mitchell

I didn't feel anything but my dog was howling about 1:45. Looked outside but didn't see anything. Now I know what she was howling at, she must of felt it. -- Paul in Saginaw

I was at work in Olivet, MI and I felt the earthquake at 1:46pm. My building started rumbling and the water in my water bottle starting moving. -- Erica

I am in Bay City on Euclid Ave. and felt the quake. I thought my co-workers foot was moving my chair until I looked down and saw both of her feet on the ground. She then looked at me and said "are we moving?" It was a very cool experience. -- Kristina

I was sitting at my computer desk and felt the desk move...I live by a railtrack, thought it was a train going did enter my mind(wonder if that was an earthquake)case it did feel a litte stronger than when a train goes by. -- BJF

I was sitting in my vehicle waiting for the garage door to open to go into my garage during my lunch break. My car was moving like the wind was blowing it. I looked around at the trees and didn’t think they were moving that much to be moving my car like that. It was like being on a highway on a very windy day. Strange. That was at 1:45pm. Here in Midland. -- Nita Draves

We felt it in Bay City.. Working Euclid and Wilder,,,, Really Wierd!!!! -- Ted

I was sitting pressed against my desk in my office when all of a sudden I felt something moving. I had 3 options, either lunch was not sitting very well, I was imagining this or my desk was shaking. Guess it was door number 3. -- Jan Penn

I am directly across the street from your station in the Commerce Center, and felt our entire building shake. Then I spun around in my chair, and watched not only my cubicle shake, put the window too!! Very Interesting! Thanks! -- Amber A. Daniels

I felt a distinct tremor at my desk in the 2050 building at Dow Chemical.-- Joseph Walton

Hello, Several of us working at UM-Flint felt the building sway and wondered if it was an earthquake! Apparently it was! ~Sandy Sepulvedo

I work for SVSU. Felt the tremor on the 3rd floor of Wickes Hall... I thought I was imagining things at first. It lasted for about 15 seconds. -- Timothy J. Patterson

We felt the earthquake up here at Genesys Hospital, 2nd floor. The reception desk as well as doctor's desks were waving like they were made out of jelly. And these are strong, solid pieces of furniture. The floors and walls moved, as if we were dizzy. -- Pauline M.

The ground shook around 1:45 PM back ad forth moving from North to South -- Barry Strieter

Did you feel your building shake around 1:55 p.m. 6/23/10? Our’s did at 211 congress, across the river. -- Mark Harten

Know anything about an earthquake in Midland ~ 15 minutes ago? -- Mary E. Johnson

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