Mid-Michigan Responds To Snyder's Budget Plan 2-17-2011 - WNEM TV 5

Mid-Michigan Responds To Snyder's Budget Plan 2-17-2011

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Judy Heater Ette Graham said via Facebook:
Heck no. Everyone is expected to take cuts yet prices keep going up. Makes no sense to ask people to pay more taxes, take pay cuts when prices og food, gas, and housing keeps rising.

The Silent One from Flint:
Synder's new proposal is a wake-up call to the state of Michigan. We demanded change and a new leadership and this is our time as a state to heed change, go with it and see a better tomorrow for our children, families, and friends. Get people back to work so they can quit draining the SSI system and those that are truely working to better themselves, can stop paying for those individuals to sit home, do nothing and collect from the government, be it state or the feds. GO RICK!

Pat in Bay City
Where are Concessions for people collecting State Aide? Shouldn't they at least give-up their cell phones? What are the Statistics of Tax Payers versus State Aide Recipients? Governor Snyder, I would like to hear about Incentive cuts to State Recipients in Mi. The budget was low in Mi. in the 60's because Stae Aide only Consisted of Free Food...Thats when families took care of Familis & they housed with their own Families...We did not Furnish Anything BUT Food......Let alone a cell phone with 250 minutes every month...Where is the Incentive to work? Why is this burden and Responsibility on Taxpayers that work or have Retired? Hold people Responsible for their own family? Mi. will never survive or Recover until REAL REFORM is done......

Steve from Hale:
a senior, collecting a pension, I am willing to pay my fair share in income taxes to support state services.

Bob Frei said via Facebook:
Basically, Snyder is insuring that all retirees will take their pensions and move elsewhere - something that Michigan's retired teachers already have resigned themselves to. That means the retail businesses that need the "elderly" customers will fail, property values in northern Michigan will nosedive, and the most stable and growing part of our economy - services normally used by seniors - will become distressed too. I guess that is what he means by "share the pain."

Judy Heater Ette Graham said via Facebook:
Heck no. Everyone is expected to take cuts yet prices keep going up. Makes no sense to ask people to pay more taxes, take pay cuts when prices og food, gas, and housing keeps rising.

Marc Strain said via Facebook:
With all those cuts, where the hell is the money going? City's, schools, education, MI Gov. all taking huge cuts. Is the state in that dire need? Have that many people left this state that we have to make those types of cuts? TV5 start asking the tuff questions!

Beverly Boyer said via Facebook:
How much more can we cut out of education? I have 2 children in school and each year I can tell how much the schools have been cut, they need more and more help each year. Prices go up, wages go down. Now they are even trying to cut peoples income tax and alot of people depend on that to bail them out from being cutback so much through the year.

Walt in Merrill:
I would take a $1.00 salary to if I was a multi-millionaire, and wouldn't mind if they taxed my pension, but I'm not and there are many retirees that can't afford this to do this.

J McLaughlin in Grand Blanc:
It's ludricrious to take from senior citizens. We've paid our dues and to take from us to give tax breaks to big business is assinine. Does Mr Snyder really care whether we have what we need to stay alive? It's take take take when it comes to balancing a budget. We can balance our budget with the little we have coming in, why can't the governments balance their budgets? I'll tell you why, it's because they can take it from us thats why. Keep going and there won't be anybody left in this damn state to tax.

Tim from Omer:
Apparently the majority of people didn't pick up on his campaign ad, One Tough Nerd. Well you got what you voted for people! A NERD.

Don from Mt. Morris:
Yup give busniesses tax cuts and breaks an make up the difference on the backs of the the little guys! Maybe all seniors should take a page from big busniess an move someplace else that will give us a favorable tax break if Snyder get he way in taxing our pensions an 401s. He an the rest of the republicans and democrats have to remember that seniors are the biggest voting block an if they want to keep their jobs they need to remember that. We will come next election! And maybe he needs to only take a dollar a year until Michigan is out of the red!

Dan in Freeland:
Talk about kicking the can down the road! Many of the points of the Governor's proposed budget are just that. For instance, privatizing prison food service was a failed endevour in Florida that ended up costing taxpayers MORE rather than saving money. Do your 'research' again, Gov. And who seriously thinks that cutting education funding is nothing less than financial suicide for our state's future? This and many other parts of his proposal are only going to further drive people out of this state.

Bill from Mayville:
The governor should be more worried about stimulating job growth, Promoting Commerce, Better health care costs, and education. Not more cuts on exemptions, and investments. I work, and pay my fair share of taxes. Also paying college tuition out of pocket, while working a full time job at a low hourly wage is no picnic. Snyder is a typical Republican, and so far I'm glad I didn't vote for him.

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