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Crime scene evidence examined in Ken Bluew murder trial

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A pair of silver flip flops collected at the Jenny Webb crime scene. A pair of silver flip flops collected at the Jenny Webb crime scene.
Blood drops on the ground near the scene. Blood drops on the ground near the scene.
Ken Bluew Ken Bluew

The Ken Bluew murder trial has entered day six of testimony at the Saginaw County Courthouse.

Bluew, 37, a suspended Buena Vista Township police officer, is charged with first-degree murder in connection to the death of 32-year-old Jenny Webb, a pregnant woman who was found strangled to death near a police shooting range on Aug. 30, 2011.

The prosecution says the baby boy Webb was eight months pregnant with was Bluew's child. 

During opening statements, prosecutors said Bluew didn't want to pay child support, didn't want his wife to know about the situation and he didn't want a baby.

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On Tuesday, Michigan State Police computer experts testified about what they found on police-owned computers in Ken Bluew's patrol car, as well as results of Internet searches done on computers owned by Ken Bluew.

The State Police Computer Crimes unit member Colleen Auer-Lemke said during testimony that they found Internet search history on ways to commit suicide and different methods to do so. The searches were done between July 1 and Aug. 23.

The computer expert testified they found searches for how to slit wrists and searches for the most painless ways to commit suicide. Auer-Lemke said those suicide searches took place on Bluew's computer between Aug. 16 and 17, 2011. Webb was found dead of what police initially suspected was a suicide Aug. 30.

The computer expert testified about web searches that found a how-to guide of strangulation and hanging one's self. The expert said Bluew's computer had 61 hits for restraint and carotid.

It also turned up searches for how long it takes for someone to die from carotid artery compression. Auer-Lemke said Bluew's in-car patrol computer showed he viewed burglary reports about Webb's house.

Webb was found with an extension cord wrapped around her neck, hanging from a roof rail of her vehicle.

When testimony picked back up on Wednesday, Auer-Lemke was back on the stand for cross-examination. Defense attorney Rod O'Farrell asked her about the documents and discs she prepared for the trial. O'Farrell asked if there was any way the search terms could have found their way into the computer.

O'Farrell asked about Bluew's resume, which lists Pressure Point Control Tactics, and mentioned that the police department asked him to train in those tactics.

The next witness called to the stand was Valerie Bowman, who works with the State Police Forensics Laboratory in Bridgeport. Bowman is a member of the crime scene response team and has responded to more than 200 crime scenes.

She testified that she received a phone call around 4 a.m. on Aug. 31 to respond to the Jenny Webb scene. The lab waited until daylight to respond. Bowman spoke to the jury about a series of photos taken by the MSP lab, photos that show the scene and surrounding area.

At this time, Webb's body and vehicle had already been removed. Bowman pointed out to the jury yellow numbered placards that mark evidence or impressions.

She went on to describe items found at the scene, such as item L1, a pair of silver flip flops, item L3, a blood stain on the road, item L4, a silver piece of jewelry and item L5, a Winston brand cigarette butt. Winston cigarettes are the brand Bluew smoked at the time.

Bowman showed a picture of exhibit 21, a blood stain on the driveway of the Waste Water treatment facility. That sample of blood was collected and later tested positive as human blood. Bowman went on to say that they found two additional Winston Cigarette butts near Outer Drive and Hack.

TV5's Liz Gelardi tweeted that some of the evidence wasn't collected from the scene until Sept. 2, such as gloves and micro fiber cloths. Gelardi said the testimony on Wednesday had a real "CSI" feeling to it. Bowman said blood stains were found on the silver pair of flip flops. All blood-stained items were sent off for DNA testing.

The courtroom was warned that graphic photos would be shown soon and Webb's father chose to leave the room. Webb's family was told that they all may want to step out due to the graphic nature of the photos of Webb's body.

Bowman went on to testify about swabs taken during Webb's autopsy, including samples taken from under her fingernails. Bowman said there was a bruise on Webbs' right arm, and that all bruises were swabbed for DNA testing. Bowman said she also collected a blood sample from the 8-month-old fetus.

Following a break for lunch, court resumed around 2 p.m. with jurors looking at crime scene photographs. Bowman was back on the stand to talk about a pair of green exam gloves that were found at the scene. Bowman said the gloves had blood on the inside of the finger tip and stated that they were forwarded on for DNA and saliva testing. Bowman said she also examined Webb's vehicle. A blood stain was found on the rear side door of Webb's Pontiac Aztec, and blood was also found on the interior of the car.

According to Bowman's testimony, there were several spots where blood was found inside Webb's car, such as on the gear shift. An earring with a blood stain was also found in the car. Gelardi reported via Twitter that several jurors were taking notes as a lot of information was being revealed during testimony. Bowman showed a picture of the Aztec's steering wheel to jurors which had a blood stain as well. All of the blood was swabbed and sent off to the MSP Lansing crime lab for DNA testing.

State Police testified that the lab also processed Buena Vista Township Police car No. 9, Bluew's patrol car. Bowman said a box of green disposable exam gloves were found in the trunk of Bluew's patrol car. Bowman said blood stains were found on both the steering wheel of Bluew's patrol car and the driver's side door. A small amount of blood was also discovered on the police radio microphone.

Bowman said a blood stain was also found on Bluew's police body armor vest. Bowman said the blood stain found on the body armor was actually found on the word "Police" printed on the vest. Bowman testified that nine areas of blood were found on Bluew's uniform pants, and blood was also found on his black police T-shirt.

Stay with as we update this story -- we'll be in the courtroom Thursday as more testimony is heard by the jurors.

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