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Kettering Students for Concealed Carry

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Kettering Students for Concealed Carry (KSCC) works to support the mission of the national organization Students for Concealed Carry (SCC) and the Michigan Students for Concealed Carry (MSCC).

Students for Concealed Carry is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization composed of more than 43,000 college students, professors, college employees, parents of college students, and concerned citizens who believe that holders of state-issued concealed handgun licenses should be allowed the same measure of personal protection on college campuses that current laws afford them virtually everywhere else. SCC has members in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Both the membership and the leadership of SCC are made up of individuals with very diverse political backgrounds. Among SCC's leaders you'll find conservatives, moderates, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, etc. The members of SCC look beyond partisanship, toward the common goal of achieving state laws and school policies based on factual evidence rather than emotional rhetoric.

College campuses, though typically safe, play host to every type of violent crime found in the rest of society, from assault to rape to murder. Recent high-profile shootings and armed abductions on college campuses clearly demonstrate that "gun free zones" serve to disarm only those law-abiding citizens who might otherwise be able to protect themselves.

Kettering Students for Concealed Carry promotes lawful concealed carry on Kettering's campus for multiple reasons: Because numerous independent researchers and state agencies agree that concealed handgun license holders are five times less likely than non-license holders to commit violent crimes; because no other type of location has seen an increased rate of violent crime since concealed carry became legal there; because the eleven U.S. colleges/universities that currently allow concealed carry on campus (and have done so for a combined total of more than eighty semesters) have not seen any resulting incidents of gun violence, gun accidents, or gun thefts; and because Kettering's campus is an open environment that lacks screening measures such as metal detectors, X-ray machines, and strictly controlled points of entry. KSCC feels that there is no pragmatic basis for declaring college campuses off-limits to concealed carry by the same trained, licensed adults (age twenty-one and above in Michigan) who lawfully and safely carry concealed handguns in locations such as office buildings, movie theaters, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, etc.

Kettering Students for Concealed Carry has two main functions. The first function of this Club is to dispel the misconceptions about concealed carry on college campuses, by building awareness of the proven reasoning supporting concealed carry. The second function of KSCC is to urge state legislators and school administrators to grant concealed handgun license holders the right of self-defense on college campuses, that those trained licensees currently exercise in most other unsecured locations.

Kettering Students for Concealed Carry supports the legalization of concealed carry by licensed individuals on the Kettering University campus. KSCC has no official positions on open carry, unlicensed concealed carry, or concealed carry on the campuses of primary or secondary schools. 

  • Kettering Students for Concealed Carry is not affiliated with the NRA or any political party. 
  • KSCC was founded in March 2011.  
  • KSCC received official Kettering University club status on 8/1/2013 after a three-step student government approval system, and a final sign-off by Kettering Administration. 
  • KSCC has met with multiple members of campus administration to discuss our goals, including the University President and the Dean of Students. We also hope to meet with the Board of Trustees in the near future to present our club goals. 
  • In March 2013, President McMahan suggested that KSCC should host a campus-wide Town Hall event, in order to promote discussion of the issue of concealed carry on campus. 
  • Recent activities include holding weekly meetings, which attract an increasing number of students and faculty every week. On August 5th, 2013, members KSCC members distributed of flyers on campus, prompting discussion of the topic of concealed carry with over 200 students. 
  • KSCC is host to over 100 active members consisting of Kettering Students and Faculty. 

Though statistically safer than other comparable locations, college campuses play host to every type of violence found in the rest of society, from murder to assault to rape. Until college campuses can guarantee students will never encounter a threatening situation, they should not prohibit students from their own means of protection. Because ultimately, the only person available to protect you 24/7 is you.

KSCC is very thankful of Kettering's initiative in making our campus safer. We recognize that Kettering puts our safety in the highest regard, but feel that current Kettering policy acts to hinder our ability to defend ourselves. Although we recognize that Kettering as a whole is safer than the Flint community, we realize that crime happens everywhere and there is no guarantee of safety on campus.

"I feel that it's everyone's personal responsibility to take their self-defense in their own hands. It is unfortunate that Kettering limits our ability to do so," Dan Keys, President KSCC.

"A ‘gun-free zone' does not guarantee that I won't encounter an attacker on campus," Kaity Huff, KSCC Vice President.


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