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NWS: EF2 tornado in Obion County, TN

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A donation drive has been set up in Poplar Bluff for victims of the Arkansas tornado. A donation drive has been set up in Poplar Bluff for victims of the Arkansas tornado.
Holcomb, Mo. (Source: Jeffery Dye) Holcomb, Mo. (Source: Jeffery Dye)
Flooding in Lilbourn. (Source: Jas Collins) Flooding in Lilbourn. (Source: Jas Collins)
Off of Hwy. 51 in Union City, Tenn. (Photo source: Ben Yates/Facebook) Off of Hwy. 51 in Union City, Tenn. (Photo source: Ben Yates/Facebook)
Flooding in Holcomb. (Source: Rachel Murdock, cNews) Flooding in Holcomb. (Source: Rachel Murdock, cNews)
(KFVS) - Storms have caused major flooding in several areas causing evacuations and power outages.

Tornado in Union City, Tenn.

The NWS confirms an EF2 tornado hit north of Hwy. 51 bypass near the Ky. border and behind the Goodyear Tire plant and Woodland Hills community Monday evening. Top winds reached 130 miles per hour.

Another tornado in Hickman County, Ky. has been confirmed to have been an EF0, according to the NWS. The estimated wind peak for the second tornado was 85 miles per hour.

Six or seven brick homes were destroyed in the Woodland Mills area.

A farm shed was destroyed. Several homes have roof and siding damage. Several trees are down.

Much of the damage was along Brevard Road and Andrew Wheeler Lane.

Tuesday, residents tried to salvage what they could. One man said he was afraid to go into his damaged home because of the wind. He was afraid it might fall over.

The Obion County Sheriff's Department is keeping an eye on the damaged areas to keep looters at bay.

Only a couple people had minor injuries.

According to Northwest Tennessee Disaster Services, anyone wanting to volunteer can visit www.togetherforall.org and select "become a volunteer." Donations can be sent to: NTDS, PO Box 1458, Union City, TN 38281 or call (731) 592-3947.

Flooding in Holcomb, Mo.

Holcomb Mayor Max Clark say the “19 ditch” started backing up in sheds and houses after storms swept through the Heartland Sunday and Monday. The National Guard has been brought in to evacuate one house. Water is still rising in town, but it has slowed down tremendously.

Mayor Clark says they are praying the water stops rising Tuesday night. If it does, he thinks the town will be OK.

The water is 8 to 12 feet deep on the edge of town. Most of the town is built up high enough that it’s not affecting any other homes

The National Guard is patrolling the St. Francois River levee to ensure there are no breaches, sand boils, etc.

Mayor Clark said the “old timers” in town say this is the highest they’ve seen the water in 30-35 years.

Donation drive in Poplar Bluff for Arkansas tornado victims

The Poplar Bluff severe weather response team, Butler County EMA and Gregory Logistics are sponsoring and organizing a donation drive for victims of the Arkansas tornadoes. Gregory Logistics is supplying the truck and trailer.

It will be in front of the Walmart in Poplar Bluff from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30.

Organizers say they have contacted the Salvation Army in Arkansas and have a list of supplies that are needed. The truck leaves Wednesday.

Ky. flooding

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF0 tornado seven miles east of Clinton, Ky. Top winds reached 85 miles per hour.

Highway 51 about 2 miles south of Clinton, Ky. was flooded on Tuesday. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is directing traffic and telling people to drive on the southbound side of the road. According to KYTC, the water has risen Tuesday. Water seems to be several inches deep. It is raining there Tuesday.

Fulton County officials reported damage to a home and a church, according to Kentucky Emergency Management. The Paducah National Weather Service will evaluate the damage Tuesday and determine if the damage was the result of a tornado.

Home destroyed in Cape Girardeau County

A trailer home off of Hwy. 177 near Proctor and Gamble was destroyed when a tree fell on the home Sunday night during severe weather.

It happened at 210 Lindsey Lane in Jackson at lot 220.

Dewayne Clark say he and his wife were in bed when a tree fell onto the back and side of the trailer.

A big tree branch fell about two feet from the Claker and his wife's bed and close to their 5-month-old baby's crib.

Another daughter, 3, was in the home.

Lilbourn, Mo. under curfew

The curfew for Lilbourn was permanently lifted Tuesday at dawn due to the receding floodwaters.

Police Chief Dennis Young says they had to shut off part of the power grid in the area of town most impacted by the flooding. However, Young says power has been restored to all customers.

Chief Young says they hope floodwaters will recede enough to restore power to those homes on Tuesday.

Also, the MFA in Lilbourn had a gas spill Monday afternoon. Chief Young says 100 or more gallons overflowed from the top of a tank during the refueling process. Part of Route D from 5th Street to 4th Street was shut down for about two hours. The road is back open. MFA is closed the rest of Monday, but it expected to be open on Tuesday. DNR was contacted and responded to contain the spill.

Jefferson Co., IL experiences flash flooding, uprooted trees and small tornado

What took only minutes felt like an eternity to some in Mt. Vernon. Winds were so strong, it blew a car port almost a football field's length away.

"We barely mad it in the door and it hit," Kimberly McKenzie said.

McKenzie said the storm came out of the blue and tore through directly between her and her neighbor's yard. Flattening her fence and sending branches into her home and vehicles.

"It was just the wind, you could hear nothing but wind," she said.

Her neighbor, Doris Morgan, said her and her husband had no warning, and couldn't make it to their storm shelter in time.

"I heard a roar, it was really loud," she said. "I felt like the house was just going to go.

Happy the damage was only to the property, McKenzie and her husband spent Monday cleaning up branches.

Bollinger County, Mo. flooding

The Crooked Creek in Marble Hill overflowed its banks during Sunday night's storm. The water flooded low-lying areas and Sample Street where April Johnson lives. She said she was walking through the water and fell in a hole.

At that time, a car drove by sending a wave of water her way which submerged her. She said the wave was also close to sending water in to her home as well.

Johnson wanted these streets blocked off so no cars can come through causing a safety issue.

Marble Hill Mayor Nick Hendricks said there were so many calls last night assisting other problem areas with flooding that they didn't have time to block off Sample Street.

"It's really an inconvenience for people living on that street when cars drive through water there," Hendricks said. "Plus it is a safety factor for the driver as well."

Hendricks said the city didn't get a call for the water on Sample street to block off the road, but the city tries to block off all areas that need it, and weren't able to block it off Sunday night due to so many other calls.

RVs in Bollinger County stranded at campground due to high water

Twin Bridges Campground owner Don Ezell said the rain came fast Sunday night causing water to rise in the campground. Several RVs are sitting in water while others can't get out until the water recedes.

Ezell said the water reached high enough to get into one of the campers, but others remain stranded until they are able to get them out.

Bar-B-Que grills, toys and other items are seen floating and submerged in the waters.

Ezell said they should be able to get everyone out of the water by the end of the day if the water recedes.

Sewer system shut down just outside Malden, Mo.

It knocked out sewer service near Malden.

Jennifer Adams, the wife of Dunklin County Sewer District Board President Corey Adams and speaking on his behalf, says the shutdown impacts about 300 customers near the Malden area. Adams says service will be out until further notice and cannot be restored until floodwaters recede.

Officials hope to have service restored by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

Malden Chief of Police Jarrett Bullock says that within the city limits of Malden “our sewer system is up and operation and the city has not reported our sewer system to be inoperable.”

Water rescues and evacuations

The severe weather also created a need for water rescues in several areas.

Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Deputies rescued a Whitewater man from his truck around noon Monday after he got stuck in high water on Missouri Route A near Missouri Route U.

The man climbed onto the roof of his truck to safety until deputies could rescue him.

That's unfortunately a very common occurance when high water moves into the heartland...

As of Monday morning, the Dunklin County Sheriff's Department was still working water rescues in several homes. No injuries are being reported at this time.

Also, the National Weather Service reported many roads in Dunklin County under water Monday morning.

Several residents at the Peachtree Apartment Complex in Campbell had to evacuate around 1 a.m. Monday.

"It was shooting through the door real quick," said Tommy Herrington who was displaced by the flooding in Campbell. "I seen that and then I looked out the kitchen window and I seen the water up to the bricks."

"It came up quick and real high," said Tina Finder, apartment manager. "We got one apartment down there where it turned over a freezer. That's how fast it came up."

According to New Madrid Police Chief Joey Higgerson, all city streets are closed because of flooding and are only open to residents, no through traffic. Higgerson urged people to stay at home. When people drive on the street, it makes a wake and pushed water into the houses.

Crews evacuated one family in New Madrid and more families were evacuated in Lilbourn.

Church groups are sending volunteers and all city pumps are working and getting water out as fast as possible.

Crews had to rescue a 70-year-old man off of County Road 800 in Bollinger County. The sheriff’s department asked everyone to stay off the roads as many are covered with water. On Highway 49 near Piedmont there were reports of 3 feet of water over road Sunday evening, but it is starting to recede. There were also a couple of vehicles stranded on Lick Branch Road in Piedmont Sunday.

Crews were able to rescue everyone and got out safe and no injuries were reported.

New Madrid County sandbagging

Flooding is affecting people living in New Madrid County as well. Several crews came out to help fill sandbags. We are told the operation started at 6 a.m. on Monday. As soon as the water begins to recede, those living in the county can begin cleaning up from the storms.

Road closures due to high water

As of Monday morning, Route U into New Madrid was closed, Highway 80 into Matthews area closed and Highway 153 west of Parma is closed. The city of New Madrid is now providing temporary shelter at the community center on Mill Street.

New Madrid Sheriff’s Department and other crews started sandbagging around 6 a.m. on Bloomfield Road off of Highway U.

Jeff Shawan with Butler County EMA, water is over county roads in south Butler and east Butler County. Ditches are full otherwise.

Drivers are urged to check out the traveler information map at traveler.modot.org or download the free map app for their android or iPhone. The traveler information map displays impacts due to flooding, as well as work zones and other helpful travel information.

According to the MoDOT, the following roads were flooded Tuesday afternoon. Visit this link for more detailed information.
  • State Route 158 - BUTLER COUNTY - CLOSED
  • State Route N - BUTLER COUNTY - CLOSED
  • State Route 23 - JOHNSON COUNTY - CLOSED
  • State Route 142 - RIPLEY COUNTY - CLOSED
  • State Route H - RIPLEY COUNTY - CLOSED
  • State Route W - RIPLEY COUNTY - CLOSED
  • State Route C - WAYNE COUNTY - CLOSED
  • State Route KK - WAYNE COUNTY - CLOSED
According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, the following roads are closed due to flooding as of Tuesday morning:
  • Bollinger County: Route H-from 2.74 miles before MO 51 N to MO 51 N
  • Butler County: Route N-from 3.12 miles before MO 51 N to MO 51 N Route 158-from US 67 N to .74 miles before MO 142 E
  • Cape Girardeau County: Route A-from RT U to 1.84 miles before RT F Route RA-from 1.46 miles before RT U to RT U Route Y-from .05 miles before IS 55 S' to '.05 miles after IS 55 N
  • Dunklin County: Route B-from US 62 E' to MO 53 S
  • Ripley County: Route H-from MO 142 to 2.39 miles after RT KK Route 142-from .68 miles before Route T to .48 miles before Route T
  • Stoddard County: Route K-from Route M to Route BB
  • Route MM-from .06 miles after Route U to .05 miles before Route J, Route Z from less than .01 miles after Route U to less than .01 miles after MO 153 S.
  • Wayne County: Route KK-from MO 34 E to 2.72 miles after MO 34 W Route C, from MO 34 E to 1.59 miles before Route E.
Kentucky flooded roads
  • In Hickman County, Ky., in the Clinton area, several roads were reportedly under water.
  • As of Tuesday morning, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Fulton County crew reports that KY 94 is closed from the 7 to 11 mile marker between KY 311 and KY 1099. All other highways in Fulton County are now open.
  • KYTC said KY 123 in Hickman County at 14-16 mm is closed. Signs and barricades are up.
  • KY 1477/Benton-Birmingham Road in Marshall County is also closed between 0 and 1mm due to water over the road.
  • Carlisle County reports the following: US 62 closed at 3 mm, KY 1820 closed at 1-3 mm and KY 1628 closed at 3 mm.
  • Keith Todd with KYTC said crews report water over the road at the following locations: KY 94 East between the 13 and 14 mile marker, KY 121 West between the 3 and 4 mile marker (New Concord Bottom), KY 299 between 0 and 1 mile marker, KY 783 between the 5 and 7 mile marker.
  • Todd also said KY 94 from 23-25 mm between KY 311 and KY 1099 is closed due to water over the road.
  • Also, KY 94 from 23-25 mm (Willingham Bottom) is signed with KYTC personnel monitoring.
  • The following highways are signed with water over road at this time: KY 1129, KY 1125, KY 1907, KY 2140.
The National Weather Service reports the following storm reports for April 27.
  • 11:12 p.m. - widespread flooding throughout Butler County, Mo.
  • 10:40 p.m. - numerous roads have water running over them. Water rescues are being performed. A person was trapped in a car on Hwy. W just northwest of Poplar Bluff.
  • 10:20 p.m. - numerous roads with water over them near Marble Hill, Mo.
  • 9:10 p.m. - 3/4 inch hail near Bernie, Mo.
  • 12:42 p.m. - several large trees and two outbuildings were blown down near Route 148 near Mount Vernon, Ill.
  • 11:53 a.m. - hail and heavy rain in Marion, Ill.
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