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Local road commission manager speaks out about inaction by lawmakers

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Michigan state lawmakers spent the week trying to secure funding to help fix our crumbling roads. They were unsuccessful. And one local road commission manager is speaking out.

When you are forced to travel down Flushing Road, or any road like it, that is practically glued together with pothole patches, there is no question Michigan's roads are in rough condition.

"Who wants to be driving on poor roads?" asked motorist James Boudreau.

With a lack of action in Lansing this week, John Daly, the Genesee County Road Commission Manager, said the road conditions won't be improving any time soon.

"It's getting worse every year. I mean, right now, we're not even holding our own," said Daly.

Lawmakers are on summer break for the next 12 weeks, and with this being an election year, Daly doesn't think they will be interested in increasing taxes anytime soon.  And that  means much needed road work will be pushed down the road for at least another year.

"It's exactly like credit card debt, if you don't pay the bills, all of a sudden it just starts ballooning up, all of the sudden to the point where it becomes unpayable. And that's my concern is the problem isn't getting any easier," Daly said. 

Daly said he's stuck with the same funding the road commission received in 1997.  With no additional funding coming from the state, he could be forced to layoff as many as 12 people.  That will have a serious impact on the services the road commission provides, including with potential future projects and the length it takes to clear Genesee County roads following a significant snowfall.

"For the last three to five years, we've been cutting muscle, and there's just nothing left to cut," said Daly.

Daly said the most frustrating thing about lawmakers not getting anything done is that the roads that you drive are in the best condition they'll be in, right now.

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