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Police investigating dangerous stretch of M-46

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"Every time you hear the wheels squeal, you think the worst."

J.J. Waterman knows all too well the dangers of M-46. Last year, a teenager died in a deadly head-on crash into the front of his drive-thru party store.

"It's a priority, something has to be done soon," Waterman said.

M-46 has been called the deadliest stretch of highway in Saginaw County, if not the entire state. But what's causing the all the deadly accidents from Waterman's party store in Shields down 18 miles east to Frankenmuth at the corner of M-46 and Gera Road? Waterman believes cars are driving too fast.

"I don't know what we have to do to change the speed limit, but it needs to be changed to 35," Waterman said.

Will slowing down traffic save lives? Saginaw County undersheriff Philip Hart said it’s being looked into.

"It's under investigation right now exactly what the cause is,” Hart said. “It's an interesting fact that there's nearly 50,000 cars that travel that stretch of road."

Another interesting fact about M-46 in Saginaw County, it spans 35 miles. And since 2011, 17 deadly accidents have killed 21 people. But Hart isn't ready to blame the road itself.

"In the majority of accidents policed by law enforcement, you'll find that there is some driver error that takes place," Hard said.

He said the same can be said about many of the deadly accidents along M-46.

In March 2013, sisters Carol Lyle and Judith Kelly were killed when a man driving under the influence of drugs swerved into oncoming traffic slamming head-on into their vehicle. 

In June 2014 , a passenger, Linda Teneyuque was killed when the driver, her father, Jose Teneyuque lost control. He was drunk.

That same month last year - the crash that happened outside Waterman's party store, killed Swan Valley High School senior Dakota Hill. Police say Hill drove through a red light at the intersection of M-46 and River Road.

For Waterman, he says driver error or not, something must be done about the deadly stretch of M-46.

"Too many lives are gone for no reason.”

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