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Condolences to Trooper Wolf

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If you would like to leave a message for the family of Trooper Wolf, post it on our Facebook page, or email us at

Lori Porter: I watched via live stream. What an amazing individual, many were lucky to have known him. RIP Trooper Wolf.

Tiffany Bernethy: Thank you for your service and dedication, Trooper Wolf. And prayers of peace and comfort for his family. One things for sure, the PD will be there for them all of their days ?

Alana Hensley: R.I.P Officer Troop. Thank you for your bravery & service. God Bless him & his family/friends

Mary Fintor: RIP your shift is over here! Enjoy Eternity. To your family remember its only "Until we meet again!" Thank you.

DukeandBarb Grimes Fillmore: R.I.p.CONDOLENCES to his FAMILY.

Louise Nuffer: And today one of Trooper Wolf's brother's has joined him in heaven. What a sad world this has become!!

Debbie Hall Pickvet: RIP Trooper Wolf My deepest sympathies to his family and friends

Karyn Munsoon: Deepest condolences to his entire family.

Gretchen Collis: Prayers for the family

Laurie Jay Williams: RIH trooper Chad Wolf

Sharon Smith: RIP Trooper Wolf. Sending prayers for family and friends and co workers. SAD

Kathy Newell: God bless your family and friends

Rodney Daniels: By all accounts he was a good one

Carly J. Rhodea: Thank you for your service and Godspeed Trooper Wolf. Sending love and prayers to your family. Thank you to all the men and women LEO who keep us safe and to their family's who stand behind them!

Carrie Stark: So sorry for your loss. May God comfort you during this time and the days ahead.

Roseann Mundle: May God wrap his arms around you and keep your family always safe and near. Prayers for you all.

Darlene Mckellar: My prayers for the family and fellow officers.

Sheila Comer: RIP trooper wolf. Thank u for ur service, u literally put ur life on the line for us. May ur family find comfort and peace. This was a tragic loss. Prayers sent to our loved ones and co- workers in this sad time.

Kimberly S Gable- Garner: Thank you for your service Trooper Wolf...RIP. Prayers & Thoughts for your family.

Valerie Foltz: May you rest in the peace of God Trooper Wolf. May the love and compassion of our God give your wife and children strength and consolation. Thank you for your service.

Carrie Austin: R.I.H. Trooper Wolf. Thank you for you service in protecting us all. May God comfort your family and hold them close in his arms.

Amie Glumm: My deepest condolences to Trooper Wolfs Family! Thank you trooper Wolf for your years of service protecting others. May you rest in peace,

Ashlyn Bowie: R.I.P. Trooper Wolf. Thank you for your service and kepping everyone safe. Praying for your family and friends!!!

Nancy Pollock: R.I.P. Trooper Wolf. Thank you for your dedication and service to us all. May God give his family and friends the strength they need to get through this most difficult time. Ride high with the Angels.

Christine Rennie-Holdburg: RIP Trooper Wolf. Thank you for your service. Many prayers for your family.

JoAnn Engel: Thank you for your service Trooper Wolf. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. May he R.I.P.

Kassie Roberts: RIP Trooper Chad Wolf..Thank you for your serves...for the family and friends I'm sorry for your loss

Roberta Dauenhauer Watson Maynard: R.I.P Trp Chad Wolf. The were a credit to the uniform. Thank you for your service keeping us safe. May God Bless You and watch over your family, friends, Co-workers and all who knew you. I am so sorry for the loss your wife and children are going through. It will take them time and lots of love and support from family and friends. My thoughts and prayers will be with you everyday. 

Bette Klann: Rip trooper wolf prayers to your family and friends

Tina Schoerner: Thank you for your service Officer WOLF. RIP...prayers for your family, and friends

Laura Le Vasseur-Peters: Thank you trooper Chad Wolf for your years of service may God take care of your family & your trooper family in this most difficult time gone way to soon.My prayers are with your family .

Judy Sellers: RIP, Trooper Wolf. Praying for family and friends.

Jennifer Kolevar Edler: RIP Trooper Wolf! Thank you for your years of service! My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who knew him.

Cindy Wellsted Greanias: Prayers for Trooper Chad Wolf's family ... So sorry for your loss.

Judy Beller: RIP Trooper Wolf you are now your families guardian angel. May his family find solace in their faith

Jackie Hillman Pegg: RIP Troop Chad Wolf. Thank you for your serves. Deepest, deepest condolences for his family and friends.

Darla Balko: RIP Trooper Wolf. God bless the Wolf family.

Shelli Taylor Lugg: Prayers go out to all involved. The family of Chad Wolf and the family of the person who hit him. Wishing everyone peace and comfort. What Gos bring you to, he will help you through it.

Lorie Manning: RIP Trooper Chad Wolf you paid the ultimate sacrifice with your life! Thank you for your service!

Carol Ellison Michalski: Prayers and hugs to his family. Thank you for your service. May you rest in peace.

Roy R Norman: Prayers for his family and friends !! RIP Troop Wolf you will not be forgotten !!

Patrick Turner: Thank you for your service! Prayers for the family.

Tammy Krantz: RIP State Trooper Wolf

Bonnie McIntosh: if I could be thereI would flag is half staff my prayers are with your family may god bless

Heidi Reynero: So very sorry for your loss. My heart brakes for you all. RIP CHAD WOLF..

Carol Webb: Prayers and hugs to his family during this time of loss. Thank you for your dedication and service to us all. I am so very sorry for your loss, and will pray for peace during your time of grieving.

Heuss-Niemi Cheryl: To all the brave police officers who put their lives on the line each and every day, I say "Thank You". Trooper Wolf paid the ultimate price doing the job that was in trusted to do. The family that now has to carry sorrow with them and live life without their Dad, husband, son and brother. I take for granted the sacrifices that police make to protect the community they are assigned. Trooper Wolf in heaven now .......still protecting his family. I am so very sorry for the pain his family will endure for the rest of their lives. HIS LIFE MATTERED !!!!!!!

Monti Kelly: Thank you so much for your service. Prayers to your precious family and friends. Rest in peace.

Mike Midcalf: God bless trooper wolf and his family. What a tragic event. This whole thing stinks. Definitely smell a rat on this one. How does one not feel the thump with his trailer. It was a small SUV and a small trailer. You would absolutely feel the impact when it hit him and his motorcycle. I can feel every bump in the road when pulling my car hauler with my truck. Then to travel that far dragging him? People must have been flagging him down. Come on! Perhaps they are keeping it quiet until his funeral is over so the family can be in peace during this time. Once again thanks to him and his family for all they have sacrificed and have done for others RIP

Kat Hosking: Thank you for your service sir,may you rest in heaven. Condolences to the friends and family left behind.

Nicole Shawn Young: Praying for his entire family and friends. RIP Trooper Wolf. Bless you all.

Cindy Hinkle: From the daughter of a police officer who knows your grief, may God bless you and your children 
Your husband will always stand guard and protect you and the children, he will always be by your side

Jamie McSkulin: To the wolf family my deepest condolences he will surely be missed I want to thank him for his loyalty to the state of Michigan god bless you all

Dianna Dell Stroud: So very sorry for your loss, our deepest sympathy to the family, friends and fellow officers. May God give you the strength needed to get through not only today but all the days to come.

Sarah Gilmore Krueger: My sincere condolences to you all. So very thankful for the hope we have in Jesus. Thankful that Trooper Wolf is whole and with Jesus. May your hearts somehow find the peace that passes all understanding.

Stephanie Katt Reese-Wedding: Sorry for your loss. Praying for you all. Thank you for his Service

Shelley Dankert-Edlinger: ???? Thank you for your service. \?/

Pam Peters: Prayers to the family RIP Trooper Wolf

Kris Walker-Mcnabb: My heart is heavy with sadness for Trooper Wolf and his family. God will see them through this tragedy. Thank you Trooper Wolf for your service.

Bonnie Ososki: There are no right words to say to somebody that has lost a dear loved one...I can only say that I feel for you and your family..Officer Wolf will be remembered, your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers..thank you for your selfless dedication to protecting our families..R.I.H xoxooxo

Donna Helvie: R.I.P. Trooper Wolf...Thank You for all you have done...Fly High Angel, Fly High

Susan Peterson Reider: So sorry for this loss to the State, the community, his friends and family. Most important his wife and his children. Prayers of strength to guide them as they begin this journey without him.

Steve Carpenter: He loved motorcycles ....And he was living his dream being able to drive his bike for a living...... follow your dreams......GOD REST HIS SOUL........

Jules A Duperon: Thank you kindly sir, for your service! May your family be blessed

Alisha Piasecki: I wish to thank his family and friends for sharing their hero with us. My thoughts are with you all and I am so sorry for your loss. He has made a difference in the world and it was because of you. It takes a brave person to put that uniform on every day and a brave family to support that. My heart goes out to you all. May he rest in peace

Marine Pat Ebnit: I will continue to celebrate his life and contributions. Please know he will not be forgotten . I pray for love and blessings to continue to cover you and your family at this time of tragic loss.

Marcia Barnes: Rip thank you for all you've done.

Sarah Geeck: So sorry for your loss. Continued prayers for his loved ones.

Lori Ann Hascall Linder: prayers for his family and friends

Kimberly Honey: Sir, thank you for protecting those on your community. RIP. I will pray for your family. I am so very sorry.

Amy Williams: Prayers to his family . Thank you for your service trooper wolf

Jane Wall Lacher: My heart aches for you and can only tell you how sorry I am. Know that I am praying for you and God is, and always will be with you, surrounding you with His peace and comfort.

Tammie Booth-Church: God bless your family. Love and prayers

Melissa Piotrowski: Rip thoughts and prayers to his family in this difficult time , may god bless you all

Stephanie Degg Nearman: Thank you for your service. RIP. frown emoticon

Wendy Matthews: So sorry for your loss. Very sad. Your family will be in my thoughts.

Carol McNalley: So sorry for this tragedy,May you RIP,May God help you all thru such sad times,God Bless You

Deb Hatfield: God Bless this family.

Sherry Clemons: Prayers for your family. My heart breaks for you.

Karen Pannebecker McKinley: May God's unending love and compassion surround your family and friends now and always. RIP

Lori Manning: Keeping you and your family in my thoughts & prayers on such a difficult day!

Gail LeClair: Prayers for you and you're loved ones. Thank you so much for protecting us,the community.

Jean Cummings: For officer wolf family & friends so sorry for ur loss , you & your family are in my prayers

Elaine Maxwell: May his family find the peace they will need to deal with this horrible loss...

Claudia Warsaw: God BLESS Your family and friends while they grieve your loss knowing your in heaven I'll Pray that will ease their pain r i p

Kimberly Carnes: I would like to say I am praying for the family !!

Jeff Colonnesi: May he rest in peace.

Joe Harper: good bye wolf and all who are killed

Juan Gonzales: Rest in peace officer Wolf. Thank you for your service and may God be with you and your family forever.

Benjamin Collins Jr.: RIP Sir....

Michael Reyez: Sending out Prayers for his family & friends!!

Karol Gibson Fitzgerald: RIP Officer Wolf... Prayers to his family, friends, & to his brothers & sisters that wear the badge.

Barbara Egbert: Prayers for the families of a hero.

Elaine Mattison: Rest In peace

Anna Marie Ludwig Phipps: R.I.P Officer wolf, prayers for you and your family!!

Elaine Hahn Horetski: Thank you for the ultimate price. My prayers go out to his family

Deborah Brannan-Strobel: Thank you for the ultimate price. My prayers go out to his family

Diana Stump: RIP to all the fallen officers

Raye Thompson: Prayers go out to the family sorry for your loss

Carol Lemanski: Rest In Peace

Mary Yopp: Prayers for his family. May God give them strength.

Sharon Moriartey Sutherland: Prayers sent

Kris Perez: Rip peace officer wolf

Jean Seward: RIP, Officer Wolf. Prayers to family and work family.

Joy Antcliff: So sorry for your loss. May God give you some peace.

Suzanne Abbe: Rest in peace MSP Trooper Wolf. You and family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

David Musizman Stephenson: I would like to express my deepest condolences and thanks to the family of Trooper Chad Wolf You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Emma Olson: RIP sir!!

Dianna Delucca: Rest in peace thanks for your services for protecting our state

Jeff Ralph: Praying for peace!! Thanks for your service to the community.

Kellie D Tucker: God Bless His Family,As well as all the support. Now make sure his passing isn't in vain.

Penny Bacon: RIP Trooper Wolf.

Les Cousineau: Rip and God bless his family also

Diane Boyke: Praying for the family. Thank you officer Wolf for your service not only for our State but to our Lord!

Charlotte Heins: Prayers to his family

Jill Wilson-Hammond: Praying for your family rest in peace....Thank you for your services

Brenda Leonardflannery: Rest in peace Trooper Wolf

Joyce Soldan: Prayers for the family rest in peace

Betty Jo Cloud: Prayers to family, friends and co-officers.

Sharon Smith: Sending prayers for family and friends coworkers of Trooper Wolf. Sad day when we loses anyone but to Trooper Wolf and all of the officers waring a badge that is out here protecting all of us and losing there lives in the line of duty. Prayers for all. Be safe while you're out doing a job to serve and protect us. Such lack of respect for our police officers. RIP TROOPER WOLF.

Linda S Woods-Grosso: Prayers going out to his family and friends.

Coleen Serylo: Rip

Maria Gatica: RIP

Debbie Adams-Tighe: Than you for doing this.

Bette Klann: Rip

Mary Finn: RIP

Judy Shane: Rest in peace Trooper Wolf .

Joe N Mary Gutierrez: RIP

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