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Back to the Future II: Cubs vs. Marlins

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Oct. 21 is "Future Day". In the movie "Back to the Future II" on Oct. 21, 2015 Marty McFly and Doc Brown time travel from 1985 to find a much different future.

Like the style of two tie shirts.   

Marty also discovers that the Chicago Cubs sweep Miami to win the World Series.

But as it turns out winning the series wasn't that easy for the Cubbies. 

The Cubs, who were at 100-to-1 odds to win it all, are led by star outfielder Goldie Wilson III, the grandson and son of the mayors past and present from Hill Valley.  

Meanwhile Miami is led by their star closer, Buddy "Mad Dog" Tannen.  

And their new mascot the "rally gator" or is it a croc?

Knowing the outcome and the odds from his future self, Biff transports himself and his gang to 2015 where they place all their money on Miami. Marty and Doc are out to stop them.

If they don't the Earth's gravitational pull will become unstable and our timeline will be taken over by biff's evil gambling empire.  A timeline known to many as 1985a or Biff-horrific.

As we pick up game seven, Biff, now called Biffman by his gang, is in the stands down the leftfield line.   Marty is in disguise just down the same row. Doc is lurking about.

Now here's the bottom of the 9th from Wrigley Field.


The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Wrigleyville Nine that day. The score stood 5-2 with a half inning yet to play. But with Cubs star Goldie Wilson III out on his back, not many gave the Cubs a chance to comeback. That's because Biffman gave Wilson a mysterious flu and Goldie couldn't play for days.   That's how the Marlins got back in it winning three straight in what seemed to be a haze.   But as the bottom of the 9th of game seven was getting ready to start, old Doc Brown appeared in the Cubs clubhouse like a dart. He mixed up a crazy potion and poured it down Goldie's mouth and watched as Wilson popped up and started to scream and shout.   After it cleared his head he said he was ready to play, but by that time it looked like he would not be able to save the day.

That's because Gales died and first and Zemecki did the same and a sickly silence fell upon the Wrigleyville patrons at the game. But then Andrew Patrick let go a single to the wonderment of all and Paul Mathews the much despised tore the cover off the ball! And when the dust had lifted and the patrons saw what had occurred: there was Matty safe at second and Andy hugging third. Then on 3-2 Johnny Duke gave ball four a very special look, and the Marlins manager came out with a very quick hook.  

Out of the Miami pen gunslinger Buddy "Mad Dog" Tannen strolled into the game. That's right you know that last name.

It was Marvin "Mickey" Johnson that was due up next. But up stepped Goldie Wilson telling his manager he had plenty of rest. Goldie dug into the plate wearing angry scowl. But he popped up a lazy ball to left that now needed to go foul. The outfielder said "I got it!" as he pounded his chest.  

But then the craziest thing happened as the ball took a hard left.  It went screaming like meteor because of the earth's gravitational pull. Right at Biffman, that old fool! He tried to box out to let the fielder have a play. But that's when Marty said "No way!" Marty put down his shoulder and plowed into Biffman's gang. And that's when Biffman's head hit the ball with a clang. The umpire cried "foul ball" as Biffman fell out of the stands of course. Right into a pile of manure left by a Chicago police horse.

While the umpires deliberated the play and then decided that they needed to see more. Marty and Biffman's gang were shown the Wrigley Field door. Meanwhile old Doc Brown was dawning some umpires gear. He needed to get on the field that much was clear. The umpiring crew knew there was only one thing to do and they called the ball "strike two."  As the crew was leaving the tunnel Doc Brown suddenly appeared.  As he flashed the home plate umpire's eye's with something weird.  

He needed to get the game over or the timeline would not last.  So he ran behind home plate wearing the umpires mask.

He reached into his bag and grabbed an antigravity ball he threw it to Tannen and said, "Come on and let's not stall."  With a big wind up he threw a four seam pitch. Wilson was right on top of it and did not miss. It was headed high and deep down the line in left, and then curled before the pole clearly a gravitational theft. While the ball landed on Waveland, old Doc Brown didn't know what to do.  He needed that antigravity ball back or they were through.

Marty new the situation and sprinted for the ball but he was knocked down by Biff's gang and then started to crawl.  Then out of the fog like a bolt of lightning came a shaggy K-9 and that's when Marty screamed Einstein!

He grabbed the ball with a slide like Ernie Banks and then high tailed it back to Marty where he said, "Thanks."  In the meantime, Doc had called for a replay and the group again huddled. And then the group broke once the foul ball matter was settled.  At this time Marty wound up and tossed a mighty ball. It carried over the stands and would have carried over the twin pines mall.   It took three hops before it hit home plate. And that's when Doc grabbed it and pulled the old switch and bate. He pretended to throw the ball out but quickly toss another. And then gave Tannen the one with the antigravity cover. With a snarl Tannen peered in and then threw a wicked curvy pitch. It hit 88 on the gun and when mighty Goldie swung he was hoping he would not miss.

Oh somewhere in this world the sun is shining bright, kids are playing ball to Commissioner Manfred's delight. The Cubs have won the World Series over Miami and their rally gator or is it a croc?  And there is plenty of joy in Wrigleyville because Goldie Wilson's grand slam has stopped the scoreboard clock! 10:04pm.

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