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Woman: Dog missing after ex-boyfriend takes off with car

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A dog owner is desperate to find her lost pet.

She said her ex-boyfriend played a dirty trick on her and took off with her cat and her beloved pup Ponyboy.

With a search spanning three states, she is trying everything she knows to bring Ponyboy back home.

"He doesn't like to get dirty. So if he wants a bath he'll do this thing where he rolls in something just so he can get a bath. And then he'll sit in the bathtub and wait, like, 'somebody wash me,'" Nicole Ellis said.

Ponyboy is a dog with a big personality and some human characteristics. For the past eight years he has been a part of Ellis' family.

On Oct. 7, Ellis said she went to Lansing to meet up with a recent ex-boyfriend to return some of his things.

"And it was almost like he had it planned," she said.

Ellis said he ex tricked her and took off in her Chevy Impala with Ponyboy inside. She filed a police report in Lansing. Police found her car a week later in Toledo with her ex and another person inside.

"No dog. They're both saying different stories. He's saying he let the dog out to use the bathroom in Elkhart, Indiana and the dog ran away," Ellis said.

The other person told police the dog was sold to two men at a gas station in Jackson, Michigan. Ellis doesn't know who to believe.

Ellis has been calling shelters, like the Humane Society in Genesee County, hoping her dog will turn up.

"You go back and forth. At first I was real hopeful, and then I lost hope," she said.

She contacted newspapers in Indiana, put up posters and took to Facebook. There's only so much she can continue to do. Her car was impounded while she struggled to pay the fees and she received a letter saying it's too late.

She is offering $200 to whomever can bring her and her beloved Ponyboy back together.

"I don't want to get anybody in trouble. I just want my dog," Ellis said.

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