Many Michigan residents still waiting to receive auto insurance refunds

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Published: Mar. 21, 2022 at 4:40 PM EDT
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MID-MICHIGAN (WNEM) - Direct deposits and checks have been arriving in bank accounts for eligible Michigan drivers as the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association sends out refunds to auto insurance companies for policyholders.

Anyone who had a vehicle, motorcycle, or RV that was insured on Oct. 31 by a policy that meets Michigan’s requirements is eligible for the refund.

“That would be really beneficial, you know. Everyone needs $400 in their pocket,” said Arianna Zaragoza, Saginaw resident.

Michigan drivers are receiving the refund due to bipartisan reforms that lowered the cost of insurance.

Zaragoza has Progressive as her auto insurer and said her refund will go toward gas money.

“$4.14 here. It was like $4.25 a few weeks ago or a few days ago really. But it’s gone down a little bit, but it could go down a lot more, but who knows,” Zaragoza said.

Insurance companies got the money on March 9 and have until May 9 to distribute it. While local agents aren’t dealing with the money at all, one State Farm agent said the company is using a third-party vendor to distribute, which is taking some time, but the refunds should arrive mid-April.

“A lot of deadlines don’t get met, but hopefully this one does because you know, we need that. It would be very beneficial especially with gas prices constantly fluctuating and you know, people trying to you know, live,” Zaragoza said.

None of the people TV5 spoke to have received their checks or direct deposit yet.

“I think it’ll probably take some time. I still know people who didn’t get their taxes in,” said Agustin Reyz, Saginaw resident.

Reyz pays for USAA Insurance through his dad.

“So I would just save it for, probably buy some stuff for my baby, my daughter, or something for my wife,” Reyz said.

For many drivers, the money would go a long way.

“Really, right now, I just started a new job a few weeks ago. So really, I could use the $400,” said Aaron Nuerminger, Carrollton Township resident.

If you’re an eligible driver but do not get your refund by May 9, contact your auto insurer or agent.