Allegiant passenger can’t reach customer service after canceled flights

Hundreds of passengers have been affected by cancelled Allegiant Air flights to and from Flint Bishop International Airport.
Published: Mar. 24, 2022 at 10:14 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WNEM)- Hundreds of passengers have been affected by cancelled Allegiant Air flights to and from Flint Bishop International Airport.

“Our outgoing flight was canceled on March 12 on our way to the airport. Then our flight coming home on March 19 was canceled after we sat at the airport for three hours,” said Grand Blanc resident Terri Van Hurk.

The airline has canceled 22 flights out of a reported 245 flights this month as of March 22.

Van Hurk has been victim to two cancellations that ended up costing her thousands.

“Flights from Detroit to Ft. Lauderdale, we spent over $500, same for the flights back. Over $500. Then we spent, I think it was $435 for a hotel for two nights and then shuttles to get there,” Van Hurk said.

Allegiant describes its mission as making leisure travel affordable and convenient.

Allegiant flies to more than ten destinations out of Flint with the majority of those being popular spring break destinations in Florida.

Van Hurk said she has been trying to get a hold of someone in customer service at Allegiant.

“I tried to call them, I’d say probably 12, 15 times, I got a busy signal each time. The next day I called at 7 a.m. and they told me it was a three hour wait on hold, so I hung up and I’ve tried to call several times since then, I just get a busy signal,” Van Hurk said.

In a statement to TV5, a media relations employee said passengers who are impacted will be reaccommodated to other flights or receive a refund. It went on to say that they are very sorry to those customers who have been inconvenienced and pointed to staffing challenges.

John Schmitt, certified travel advisor, agrees there are staffing issues in the industry.

“I’ve been in the business for 42 years, so I’ve seen almost everything. I have not seen cancellations like we’re seeing now,” Schmitt said.

He separates airlines into ‘budget,’ and ‘legend’ carriers. He said there is a difference.

“Many of the airlines have had schedule changes. The legend carriers, 17-25 percent pull back in schedules, but they’re protecting travelers on other flights,” Schmitt said.

Airlines like Delta, United and American. Schmitt said they have more flight options in the queue when cancellations occur.

“In the event where there’s a cancellation with a legend carrier, there’s a backup. There could be other alternatives to get travelers to their destination,” Schmitt said.

When Van Hurk’s flight with a budget airline like Allegiant was cancelled, she said the next Allegiant option wasn’t for another four days.

She ended up booking with a different airline.

“I wish we had never went. We should have canceled. After we got canceled on the flight out, we should have just stayed home,” Van Hurk said.

“The best advice is plan in advance, get somebody that knows what they’re doing to help plan the trip,” Schmitt said.