Saginaw soon ending moratorium on water shutoffs

The city of Saginaw is getting ready to resume its pre-pandemic water policies.
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 5:31 PM EDT
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SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM) - The city of Saginaw is getting ready to resume its pre-pandemic water policies.

For the past two years, the city paused water shutoffs to help those struggling to pay their bills.

“We know that we’re gonna have to do it. Do we really want to do it? Not really. But we don’t have a choice,” Saginaw Mayor Brenda Moore said.

Saginaw City Hall will soon end the moratorium on water utility shutoffs for customers.

“I wrestled with this at night. However, I can’t be a bleeding heart for everybody. Some of us, you know, we just got to take responsibility,” Moore said.

Officials are discussing when they will resume the shutoffs as the city sits on a $1.6 million price tag from delinquent customer water payments. A number that has grown since last summer.

“We went back was for a minute, now we’re going back up,” Moore said.

Moore said she understands water is a human right, and everyone should have, but residents need to do their part to work with the city to keep their water on.

“There’s programs out there, and my cry has been, and my plea has been, please take advantage of the Saginaw Community Action Center, United Way. They have funds. If the resources are there, and you’re eligible - which a lot of them are - get it. Get it. These people go back and I don’t know how many months and one point they were paying up to six and seven months. Come on, go get it. That six or seven months can get you up out of the hole. That’s money that you don’t have to come up with,” Moore said.

Moore said residents can also go to the water department and make arrangements to pay the bill so their water will not get cut off.

She is worried if delinquent residents don’t pay their bill it will fall back on paying customers like seniors living on a fixed income.