Expert warns to be cautious of COVID while traveling for holiday weekend

The Fourth of July festivities is putting COVID in the back on everyone’s minds, but the virus is still floating around.
Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 7:22 AM EDT
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MICHIGAN (WNEM) - The Fourth of July festivities are putting COVID in the back of everyone’s minds, but the virus is still floating around.

“COVID is rising nationally. In Michigan, it’s kind of on a downtick right now locally, but even with that there’s exposure, there’s definitely concern for secondary cases,” said Dr. Nicholas Haddad, an infectious disease specialist.

As Michiganders return home from their Fourth of July weekend, a question could come to mind for some. Will this increase in holiday travel cause an uptick in COVID-19 cases?

“So, the answer would be whenever there’s increasing travel increasing exposure, we would have more cases,” Haddad said.

According to Haddad, travelers should be extra cautious when returning home.

“If there’s an exposure, people need to wear masks and test themselves after five days of the known exposure,” Haddad said. “If there is no known exposure, then put on their masks for the few days after they come back to work. And if there are symptoms that develop, then check themselves.”

Haddad said people need to remember the current variant of the coronavirus may not cause symptoms in those that are vaccinated but can still be transmitted and that is the tricky part of the new variant.

Haddad stresses that everyone, especially those who are not vaccinated, needs to be cautious.

“I would recommend still using masks in an enclosed location such as airplanes or even airports,” Haddad said. “It is inconvenient, but it would spare us this major problem with COVID.”

Haddad said the best way to fight COVID is to be vaccinated, especially for children ages 6 months and older to adults who are at risk.

“We do very well know the safety and efficacy of it over the past one year,” Haddad said. “The side effects are very minimal. There are no long-term complications that have been described. In fact, it is definitely protective against hospitalization against death.”

According to AAA, approximately 48 million people traveled more than 50 miles away from their homes this holiday weekend.