Whitmer: CHIPS, Science Act to bring jobs to Michigan

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, along with President Joe Biden and several other leaders, celebrated the CHIPS and Science Act on Tuesday.
Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 4:39 PM EDT
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HEMLOCK, Mich. (WNEM) - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, along with President Joe Biden and several other leaders, celebrated the CHIPS and Science Act on Tuesday.

The act is a bipartisan legislation that will create and protect tens of thousands of jobs.

“The bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act will make a once-in-a-century investment in American industry to create and protect tens of thousands of jobs, bring supply chain from China to Michigan, and help lower costs for working families on electronics, cars, and so much more,” Whitmer said. “The ongoing chip crisis is having a stark impact on Michigan. We need to move fast, which is why I signed an executive directive today preparing Michigan to harness every available resource from the CHIPS and Science Act to set up our state for decades of growth. I will fight hard to ensure that Michigan brings home as many resources as possible from the CHIPS and Science Act, and I look forward to unleashing our state’s potential. Let’s keep putting the world on notice and show everyone that Michigan is the place to build the future.”

The signed executive directive can be seen here.

The directive forces every department to identify a designee to coordinate strategy and outreach with potential partners.

“I was looking forward to visiting all of you in person, but I’m glad I could still meet you virtually,” Biden said.

COVID scrapped plans for Biden to appear in person at Hemlock Semiconductor. Biden spoke through a livestream to talk about the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act and its impact on American manufacturing.

According to Whitmer’s office, the CHIPS and Science Act will fund $52 billion in incentives to increase semiconductor production and research.

“This bill funds the entire semiconductor supply chain, from research and development to key inputs in polysilicon manufacturing in Hemlock,” Biden said.

Whitmer was joined by Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Gary Peters, and Congressman Dan Kildee at the Hemlock Semiconductor plant.

All of them took time to acknowledge what the CHIPS and Science Act will do for American manufacturing moving forward while wishing Biden could be at the plant in person.

“Yeah, I was looking forward to it. I get a chance to talk to him every few days, but it really would’ve been nice to have him right here at home. Hopefully, he comes back,” Kildee said.

“Obviously we were excited about the prospect of showing him firsthand in person, but the fact that we were still able to pull it off and participate and tell the story, I think is really important,” Whitmer said.

The state has secured investments in semiconductor and polysilicon manufacturing over the past year.

Here is a list of the investments across Michigan:

  • Hemlock Semiconductor, a leading provider of high-purity polysilicon products for the electronic and solar power industries, onboarded over 400 full-time employees in Hemlock.
  • KLA, a global semiconductor firm, opened their headquarters in Ann Arbor creating 600 good-paying jobs.
  • Wacker, a chemical and polysilicon firm, opened a cutting-edge innovation center in Ann Arbor creating 300 good-paying jobs.
  • SK Siltron, a semiconductor wafer manufacturer, announced a new facility near Bay City, creating 150 good-paying jobs.
  • Calumet Electronics, one of a few American manufacturers producing organic substrate components for microelectronics, announced an expansion creating 80 jobs in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Whitmer also signed an executive directive aimed at drawing more companies and investments to Michigan. Both Whitmer and Biden believe the future is bright for the Great Lakes state and the nation.

“We invented these chips, we modernized these chips, we made them work, and there’s a lot more we can get done,” Biden said. “So please, please, please have faith in our country, have faith in what we can do, as I said, there’s nothing beyond our capacity.”

The act is expected to bring 3,200 jobs at Ford to Michigan and retain 5,000 jobs at General Motors.

“From cars to home appliances to cellphones, our everyday lives depend on semiconductor chips. This shortage has hurt Michigan autoworkers, businesses and families,” Stabenow said. “That’s why I led the effort with Senator Peters to secure dedicated funding for chips used by the auto industry. I’m glad to partner with President Biden to make these important investments in American manufacturing while lowering costs, bringing hundreds of thousands of jobs home, and strengthening our national security.”

“The CHIPS and Science Act will provide a significant boost for Michigan workers, manufacturing and our economy,” Peters said. “I was proud to lead the charge with Senator Stabenow to secure funding that will expand domestic manufacturing of semiconductor chips, including for our auto sector, and pass this legislation through the Senate. By coming together to get this done, we will strengthen our supply chains, support more good-paying jobs, lower costs for families and bolster our national security.”

“America’s economy and Michigan workers should not have to rely on foreign made semiconductor chips. This bipartisan bill will help bring chip production back to Michigan and the United States,” Kildee said. “I’m proud to have led efforts in Congress to pass this critical legislation that will help lower costs for working families, boost Michigan’s economy and create good-paying jobs, while also strengthening America’s national security and our ability to compete with China.”

“We are honored to welcome President Biden to HSC in celebration of the CHIPS Act, a monumental bipartisan accomplishment,” said AB Ghosh, chairman and CEO of Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation. “The CHIPS Act signals to HSC—the sole U.S.-headquartered polysilicon manufacturer—that investment in the entire domestic semiconductor supply chain is a national priority. We also thank Governor Whitmer, Senators Stabenow and Peters, and Congressman Kildee for championing the CHIPS Act and for bolstering American innovation, manufacturing and global competitiveness.”