Judge approves addition of new defendant in Oxford High School lawsuit

A Nov. 30, 2021 shooting at Oxford High School killed four students, wounded seven other people.
A Nov. 30, 2021 shooting at Oxford High School killed four students, wounded seven other people.(WILX)
Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 1:39 PM EDT
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OXFORD, Mich. (WNEM) - A judge in the Oakland County Circuit Court has approved a motion to add an Oxford High School security guard to a lawsuit.

Last week, Ven Johnson, an attorney representing victims of the Oxford High School shooting, announced that Kimberly Potts would be added to its a lawsuit after his office reviewed surveillance video from the school.

Judge Rae Lee Chabot granted Johnson’s motion to amend the complaint on Wednesday.

Johnson said the approval of the motion is critical.

“Our clients from day one and I simply want to know the truth. The full, unadulterated, plain and simple truth, and that’s not what they’ve got,” Johnson said. “Be transparent, let the chips fall where they may, talk about the truth of what happened, what could have been better, what should have been better, whatever your version of it is, come forward and then turn over the investigation documents to us so we can share them with our clients and our clients can find out what really happened that day as opposed to simply having to wait until the criminal trials.”

The law firm states that Potts, who has more than 20 years of experience as a sheriff’s deputy, failed to react as she thought the school was conducting a drill, walking past one of the victim’s bodies and not clearing a room which would have revealed the shooter.

On Nov. 30, four students were killed at Oxford High School. Six other students and a teacher were also injured.

Johnson said that the next steps in the lawsuit fighting to keep the lawsuit in court.

“We’re just gonna keep fighting for our clients,” Johnson said. “Next week or the week after gonna be back in court, fighting about all the investigation documents that they’re refusing to give us, even though we’re entitled to them under the law.”