Officials ask for help rescuing dog stuck on island

Clare County Animal Control is asking for help to rescue a dog who is stuck on an island.
Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 1:19 PM EDT
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CLARE, Mich. (WNEM) - A Brown and white Great Dane stuck on an island for the last 12 days.

Clare County Animal Control is asking for help to rescue a dog who is stuck on an island.

Officials said they don’t want to put too much stress on the animal because it could exhaust her too much and kill her. Animal control said the pup has been stuck on the island for 11 days.

Zaria has been stuck on an island in Cranberry Lake, animal control officers tried to use a drone to follow her, but she went missing.

“She’s in in that was that fight or flight mode right now, Clare County Animal Control Officer Dodson said. “She’s in the flight mode right now.”

Officer Dodson says he believes Zaria got loose from her leash after she was put outside one night and started running, eventually falling into the water and swimming until she made it to the island about 20 yards away.

“We initially got a call from somebody who’s spotted her the island from the shoreline around last Wednesday,” Dodson said.

He and other rescuers have been working to find her.

“We set two traps on the island today. They also brought their cameras so we have live feed and when she does hit the traps that will send out a signal knowing that we’ve caught her,” Dodson said.

Dodson said rescuers are using hot dogs, mac and cheese, and breakfast sandwiches to try to lure Zaria into traps.

He says they have to take her health into consideration when devising ways of bringing her to safety.

“We haven’t been pushing her too hard,” Dodson said. “With this type of situation where she’s so emaciated that if she gets too exhausted, she could have a heart attack and pass away.”

He says Zaria is eating but not getting the right amount of food needed for a dog her size.

Due to her being stuck in a marshy area, standard techniques may not work as effectively to catch her.

Turning to Facebook, asking for help in the search, even just people willing to get their feet wet, Dodson sought help.

“I want to have some volunteers to kind of walked the marsh here, that don’t mind getting full of muck and water and wet and try to get her into a section where maybe she can land on by the shoreline,” Dodson said.

Dodson says Zaria will need medical attention once she’s back on dry land.

Harrison Lumber has donated pallets to help create a path to an open area on the island where a trap can be set up for a few days.

Animal control said anyone who doesn’t mind the muck and getting wet can help. They are looking for volunteers to get on a boat and help make a line to help the dog cross the canal.

If there is no success, animal control hopes to trap the dog on Thursday.

Officials recommend that volunteers bring something to help you walk.