Gas expert explains why gas prices are higher in Mid-Michigan

Gas prices are up in Michigan
Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 5:56 PM EDT
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Patrick De Haan, Head of Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy tells us issues at two refineries in our region are the reason behind higher gas prices in Mid-Michigan. He says a month ago, there was an electrical fire at a BP refinery in Indiana. Then about a couple of weeks later, there was a deadly fire at a BP refinery in Ohio.

“All of which have really kinked gasoline supply for much of the Michigan area, and caused prices to go up very quickly as a result. It was possible that some prices in Michigan could’ve dropped to the low to mid 3′s. Obviously, that’s been derailed,” De Haan said.

There is a bit of good news as far as gas prices are concerned. De Haan doesn’t expect the cost of fuel to go up because of Hurricane Ian.

“If that storm had headed for Louisiana, we’d be in a different boat. But Florida has no refineries, it has no oil production. And so, for that reason there is no impact as a result of Hurricane Ian making landfall,” De Haan said.

Of course, many of us long for the days when pain at the pump was less noticeable. De Haan tells us that’s not going to happen until a conflict on the other side of the world is over.

“We won’t get back to normal prices so to speak, until there’s some resolution between Russia and Ukraine,” De Haan said.

De Haan tells us that would restore the global oil supply. In the meantime, De Haan tells us gas prices could creep back below 4 dollars a gallon soon.

“The future is a bit murky. If these refineries get back online in short order without any new problems, then in the optimal situation, we could see prices start falling in the next week or so,” De Haan said.