Former Thomas Appliance Company customer out thousands, wants money back

Some are out thousands saying an appliance store owner and township trustee swindled them.
Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 5:51 PM EDT
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Grand Blanc Township, Mich. (WNEM) -Derek Dohrman is out $6400 dollars. He tells us it all started last December when he ordered products from Thomas Appliance Company in Grand Blanc Township.

“To me, it seemed like they would be a good, trustworthy, family-owned place to go give my business to. As opposed to maybe going to a big box store like a Home Depot or something like that. You know, you feel violated for sure. I feel like I’ve been stolen from,” Dohrman said.

Dohrman tells us the scheduled two-week delivery turned into two months. And when his order finally arrived, it wasn’t worth waiting for.

“The stove and the microwave were the incorrect items, ones I did not order, so I rejected them. The dishwasher was scratched up. The fridge was clearly like a floor model, also scratched up. And I discovered after like a day of having it in my home that it didn’t even work,” Dohrman said.

That’s when Dohrman demanded a full refund. He claims Thomas Appliance Company owner Ken Thomas wasn’t much help at all.

“It was just excuse after excuse after excuse,” Dohrman said.

Dohrman says it was only after he threatened to take Thomas to court that Thomas wrote a check for $6400. Dohrman claims that Thomas asked him to hold off for ten days before taking it to the bank.

“I waited. I cashed it, it bounced. Went in, discussed it with him. He said, ‘oh the money definitely in there now.’ it bounced again,” Dohrman said.

That’s when Dohrman took Thomas to small claims court and won a $6400 judgment. By then, Thomas Appliance Company shut its doors for good. Dohrman still doesn’t have his money. Now that Thomas is facing more than a dozen larceny charges, Dohrman is holding out hope that he’ll be made whole.

“Maybe he was going through some hard times. You never know what a person is going through that causes them to act like this. Especially after some many years of being in business. Whatever the case, you know, he did a lot of people wrong including myself. I just want my money back,” Dohrman said.

Thomas is due back in court for a probable cause conference on October 20th.