Head coaches of U-M and TCU reminisce their football families

Sonny Dykes and Jim Harbaugh discuss fathers, who were college football coach legends.
Sonny Dykes and Jim Harbaugh discuss fathers, who were college football coach legends.(WNEM)
Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 7:00 PM EST
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TV5's Scot Johnson is in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl where Michigan and TCU will face off on Saturday. Both head coaches reflected on their football fathers

PHOENIX, Ariz. (WNEM) - The head coaches for the Wolverines and the Horned Frogs discuss their football families and their fathers, who were both coaching legends in college football.

The Michigan Wolverines are in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl and a chance to make it to the national championship. If U of M wins tomorrow, advances to the championship, and wins that, it would be the first time in 25 years.

It’s the second straight college football playoff appearance for Michigan where the team faces TCU in its playoff debut.

Friday was the final press conference day for the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl. Both head coaches sat down with the media.

There are a lot of similarities between the two teams participating in Saturday’s game, but the one that stood out on Friday is that both TCU’s Sonny Dykes and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh come from football families.

Fathers Jack Harbaugh and Spike Dykes are both coaching legends in college football.

“That’s deep when you start to talk about your dads and how much you learned from our dads and how much our dads have meant to us and the opportunity that they have given us. Like I said it’s generational and now it affects our kids and continues,” Harbaugh said.

“I will add one more thing to that Jack Harbaugh and I were talking the other night at this event and we were talking about the relationships that coaches have and how different and usual it is and I was telling him when I was playing high school football my dad was playing Texas A&M the next day, and I come in from my high school football game 1 a.m. driving from Amarillo or where ever we were driving back from and I walk into the house and my dad and RC Slocum were in there having a drink at 1 am. the night before the game,” Dykes said.

Dykes said that in that spirit, he was going to invite Harbaugh to his hotel room Friday night to open a bottle of bourbon up and reminisce.

When asked if he would take Dykes up on that offer, Harbaugh said it was past his bedtime.

When asked what kind of bourbon, Dykes said the cheap stuff.

Michigan remains a 7.5 point favorite.

Kickoff on Saturday is set for 4 p.m.