Two mid-Michigan businesses to close at end of month

The Big Boy Restaurant in Bridgeport and the We'reDough bakery in Flint Township will be closing at the end of January.
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 4:08 PM EST
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MID-MICHIGAN (WNEM) - Two local mid-Michigan businesses will be closing at the end of January.

The Big Boy restaurant in Bridgeport and the We’reDough bakery in Flint Township will both be shutting down by the end of the month.

“It’s the place in the community to go, and that part I feel really bad about. But my feet are getting tired!” said Eva Stone, owner of the Big Boy in Bridgeport.

Stone said she is ready to move on to new things. She said she sold the building to a lifelong customer that has their own vision for the structure. The last day for Big Boy is Jan. 29.

“They’re not going to keep it a Big Boy. It’s going to be divided into two lease units,” Stone said.

Stone said at least one business is already set to move in.

Many longtime Big Boy customers have come back to make more memories amongst friends.

Customer Vic DiBerardino said he is happy for Stone but sad for everyone who will miss this place.

“It’s bad when we lose things that have been around for years and years, so I don’t like it,” DiBerardino said.

While retirement is the cause of the Big Boy closing, another food business in Flint Township is shutting its doors for a different reason.

“We’re at the point where unless we win the lottery, there’s no keeping the business open,” said Jessica McGuire, owner of We’reDough bakery.

Decreased revenue, increased costs, and loans all factored into McGuire’s decision to close the bakery on Jan. 31.

“It’s difficult. There was a lot of tears last night at home,” McGuire said.

She is urging her customers to use their gift cards now and to place any online orders as soon as possible.

“We love our community, and we appreciate you all. It’s just tough. It’s tough for everybody, so we wish you all the best,” McGuire said.

McGuire did not rule out the possibility of We’reDough returning at some point.

The same cannot be said for the Big Boy in Bridgeport.

“I’m grateful that I am able to land the plane. You know, 43 years of keeping it in the air, and now landing it,” Stone said. “I’m blessed that I’m able to have that kind of career.”