CMU Toilet Paper Toss returns

After a long hiatus the CMU Toilet Paper Toss tradition that started 40 years ago is back.
Published: Jan. 26, 2023 at 5:20 PM EST
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MT. PLEASANT, Mich. (WNEM) - After a long hiatus the CMU Toilet Paper Toss tradition that started 40 years ago is back.

The event will take place before the tip-off of CMU’s men’s basketball game against Western Michigan on Saturday night.

“We are going to celebrate Dan Majerle, our legendary basketball player will be here and a honorary captain,” said Amy Folan, CMU’s athletic director.

The tradition began in 1983 and garnered national attention. At the time, a few students threw toilet paper onto the court after the men’s basketball team’s first basket. When the next home game came around, the whole crowd had toilet paper and showered the court with it after the first CMU field goal.

The toilet paper toss took a long break after the mid-80s because CMU would be given a technical foul if toilet paper was thrown onto the court during the game. Now, the toilet paper toss is back for one time only. It will take place 13 minutes before the 7:00 tip-off Saturday night, Jan. 28 against Western Michigan.

“We already have a roll for everybody in each seat. So, they don’t need to bring their own, we’re going to provide it,” Folan said.

Folan said this is her first toilet paper toss, so she’s getting tips.

“You have to have a long train, and a tail, and make sure you get a lot of momentum, and you get good arc. Just like you’re shooting a three-pointer.”

Folan said she’s looking forward to Saturday night.

“The school’s been known for great tradition and pride, and so I think this night is great to celebrate the past and really be happy about where we are and looking forward to a great future. Dan Majerle’s son Max is on the team. So, it really is a full circle affair. And we have great student-athletes and a great university, and I’m just happy to celebrate it on Saturday night,” Folan said.

She said the game against Western Michigan is almost sold out.