MDOT crews preparing for another storm

State, county, and local road commissions have been getting ready to take on the winter storm.
Published: Mar. 3, 2023 at 4:44 PM EST
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MID-MICHIGAN (WNEM) - State, county, and local road commissions have been getting ready to take on the winter storm.

Early Friday afternoon, an MDOT spokesperson said crews are in for a busy night.

“Mother nature reminding us that we still do live in Michigan,” said MDOT spokesperson Jason Garza.

With the arrival of another winter storm, the TV5 First Alert Weather Forecast is calling for snow and wind throughout most of the night. Garza said his staff will be there every step of the way.

“MDOT crews will be out tonight, along with a shift change around 2:30 a.m. just to ensure adequate coverage. We’re going to be applying salt at the beginning of the storm to help with some of the hard pack with the snow. Because it is pretty uncomfortable to drive on,” Garza said. “We do have our late salt orders that have been delivered, so salt sheds are stocked and we continue to be prepared for the late-winter snow.”

Snow is expected to fall, at times, at an inch or two per hour, which Garza said will present a challenge.

“Especially with any kind of wind conditions,” Garza said. “It’s just the progress of keeping the roads clear, having to go back several times throughout the evening.”

Garza was quick to point out that crews will keep going until the job is done.

“With these storms, it doesn’t happen immediately, you know you might have some snowy conditions and you’re wondering why a plow hasn’t been by yet,” Garza said. “We do have a pretty large region, so with this county, we have a lot of road network to work on. And so, just making sure that you’re patient. We are out full force.”

Click here if you want to see where MDOT trucks are at right now, or anytime.

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