Famous Michigan train known for ‘The Polar Express’ stars in new movie

Published: Mar. 18, 2023 at 10:27 PM EDT
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OWOSSO, Mich. (WILX) - A famous Christmas train people know and love is making a return to the big screen.

The North Pole Express, also known as train number 1225 is a beloved steam engine housed in downtown Owosso. It once served as inspiration for “The Polar Express” train from the classic Christmas movie, and it is returning to the silver screen as a primary setting for an upcoming film called “Christmas on The North Pole Express.”

One actor said the train feels like Christmas.

“I don’t know, there’s something magical and nostalgic about a train and Christmas,” said Brian Boynton. “They kind of go hand in hand in some ways. It’s just such an intimate environment, that you can see how a love could be sort of rekindled on a train.”

Actor Brian Boynton portrays the movie’s love interest, opposite Marla Moore, who plays the film’s protagonist. The two meet on the north pole express, as Moore’s character is traveling to her sister’s Christmas wedding.

Producer and director Sam Logan Khaleghi describes “Christmas on The North Pole Express” as both a romantic comedy and one woman’s journey to finding her sense of self again.

He says at first glance, he knew this train was the perfect location for the film.

“To me, the 1225 is almost like what Rudolph is to Santa’s reindeer,” said Sam Logan Khaleghi. “So, quite possibly one of the most famous steam engines of all time.”

Crew members say there could be a special Michigan release in store, but nothing has been confirmed. Until then, you can catch the cast and crew, hard at work in the steam railroading institute.

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