2 toddlers attacked by coyote in Arizona

Officials suspect it's the same coyote that attacked another toddler at a north Scottsdale park earlier in the week.
Published: Mar. 27, 2023 at 8:32 AM EDT
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Arizona’s Family/Gray news) -- Families in north Scottsdale are on edge, and with good reason. A coyote has attacked two toddlers in the past week.

“We are not going outside any time soon,” said one parent.

A Ring security camera video shows the most recent attack, which was around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The video shows Kelly Pirozzi walking up the driveway of her Scottsdale home with her young son Brody a few steps behind.

A coyote can be seen sneaking up and attacking the child.

“My 21-month-old was behind, walking behind me,” said Pirozzi. “The coyote came behind us and ran up towards him, and bit his right arm. As soon as he bit his right arm, he started screaming and knocked him over.”

Pirozzi provided Arizona’s Family with a photo of the bite marks on her son’s arm.

The incident is eerily similar to what happened last weekend at Aztec Park, a couple of miles away when another toddler was attacked on the playground. Both children should be OK.

Darren Julian with Arizona Game and Fish said the recent coyote attacks on these kids are alarming because it’s extremely rare for coyotes to be that aggressive with people. Julian said he thinks the same coyote could be responsible for both attacks.

“Just by the same behavior of this coyote, after the last two incidents,” said Julian. “It’s got an MO now, so hopefully we’re able to target the individual coyote and get it out of here.”

Arizona Game and Fish have dispatched four officers to north Scottsdale to patrol around the clock, trying to catch the coyote who attacked the kids. Federal agents have also been called in and are considering setting up traps.

The biggest concern now is, after seeing a coyote be so brazen to follow a child up a driveway, that there’s a chance other children could be targeted.

“We weren’t instigating anything,” said Pirozzi. “We weren’t in their territory. He was in our driveway. We’ve never seen them be aggressive towards us. They kind of keep to themselves. This situation was obviously different.”