MSU reports gunman watched campus tours, searched school shootings prior to mass shooting

Witness statement says shooter claimed beaten by students
Published: May. 26, 2023 at 8:35 AM EDT
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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Michigan State University (MSU) Department of Police and Public Policy provided an update Friday regarding the on-campus mass shooting investigation.

MSU police searched the MSU gunman, Anthony McRae’s, computer and found the videos he viewed and searched on YouTube.

According to the investigation report, McRae searched and watched MSU’s campus tours, killer documentaries, school shooting videos, arsons and hypnosis two days prior to the shooting.

Other videos documented in the investigation were related to “killer” videos. Other search terms included “people that shot up colleges” and “mass killings in college.”

Investigators said McRae’s account history on YouTube revealed searches for “the bomber” and “the nail bomber.”

Campus police also said McRae legally purchased the ammunition used in the killings.

Witness statements were also revealed in the latest investigation report.

According to a witness statement, a person whose name was redacted knew McRae and referred to him as “Tony.” The witness statement said they met McRae in 2018 on the MSU campus for a gathering.

The witness statement was given on February 14, and said they saw McRae about three weeks prior. They said McRae seemed agitated.

According to the statement, McRae told the person that students beat him up. In the witness statement, it was noted that they were unsure if the students were from MSU, but they believed the altercation may have been the motive behind the mass shooting.

The person interviewed also mentioned that they and McRae talked about mass shootings in the past, and believed McRae had an infatuation with school shootings and shooters.

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