Smoke in mid-Michigan impacting residents, workers

A haze of smoke has been enveloping mid-Michigan, and although many can avoid the smoke, others cannot.
Published: Jun. 27, 2023 at 10:52 PM EDT
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MID-MICHIGAN (WNEM) - A haze of smoke has been enveloping mid-Michigan, and although many can avoid the smoke, others cannot.

The wildfires in Canada once again are enveloping the area in a cloud of smoke, prompting air quality alerts. While some residents can avoid the thick, smelly air, others who have to work outside cannot.

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“We definitely noticed the haze and the fog,” said Kyle Livingston, a foreman with Michigan Pavers & Walls. “We definitely have been noticing the effect of the smoke.”

Livingston said he noticed the smoke impacting some workers more than others.

“Actually, my breathing isn’t too bad or anything, even though I have asthma. So, it’s alright, it just stings the eyes,” said Bay City resident Andrez Akright.

Despite the warnings, some residents said the air quality was not going to stop them from going outside as they hit the diamond to play a game of softball.

“I think it’s just better to be outside and doing something than cooped up inside and not doing anything,” said Dan Masse, an Auburn resident.

Bay City resident Robert Burns said if he didn’t feel good, he wouldn’t be outside.

While some were not concerned about the air quality, they were aware they may have issues later on.

“I’d have bad allergies, so maybe tomorrow might be different, but I’m fine right now,” said Auburn resident Tyler Masse.

And if things get worse, they said they are prepared to handle it.

“Just wearing, you know, wear a mask or do whatever not be outside. Stay inside,” Burns said.

Livingston said the workers for Michigan Pavers & Walls are just trying to get through it and take breaks as often as they need.

While the air quality didn’t stop adults from venturing outside, Dick Horning, the president of Greater Bay Little League said they canceled Tuesday night’s practices for the safety of the kids and will be monitoring the air quality to determine whether or not they will have the all-star game begin on Wednesday, June 28.

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