Controversy at Caro library heats up

The Caro books controversy heated up Monday night during the library board’s monthly meeting.
Published: Jul. 10, 2023 at 10:40 PM EDT
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CARO, Mich. (WNEM) - The Caro books controversy heated up Monday night during the library board’s monthly meeting.

Though the topic wasn’t on the agenda of the library board’s monthly meeting on Monday, July 10, some sounded off on their disapproval of what they view as sexually explicit reading material in the Caro Area District Library’s children’s section.

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“Some people say, ‘Well it’s a First Amendment to have these books in the library,’ and my answer is this: The First Amendment does not give the right to distribute pornography to minors,” one man said at the meeting.

One man called on members of the board to resign while another woman read some passages of the books.

“I have 42 more signatures asking you to move these to the adult section so that children do not stumble across these graphic images and these words that I could not say in the paper or read on the news,” a woman said at the meeting.

Another woman wanted to make sure all feelings on the subject were heard, regardless of religious preferences.

“What I’m hearing here is an extreme position from a religious minority. I don’t hear many people, the ones that are supporting keeping the books where they belong, I don’t hear them advocating their religious positions,” the woman said.

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The library’s director said she has received a Request for Reconsideration form for each book – three books in total – and she is researching whether they should be moved to the adult collection. She said she expects to have a decision made by Sept. 1.

Library patrons can appeal if they disagree with the forthcoming decision.

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