Clinic to be hosted, helps with outstanding warrants

A first of its kind event will be hosted in mid-Michigan on Saturday morning, Aug. 12
Published: Aug. 10, 2023 at 5:39 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WNEM) - A first of its kind event will be hosted in mid-Michigan on Saturday morning, Aug. 12

A clinic to help those with warrants will be put on Saturday morning to help take care of those issues, all with the assurance of not having to worry about being arrested.

While the area is quiet now, on Saturday there will be people in and out of the Peckham Career Center motivated to take care of outstanding warrants they may have in the city of Flint.

“We are looking at warrants, outstanding warrants from the front of the court, our district court, as it relates to traffic and misdemeanors,” said Percy Glover.

Glover is the founder and Executive Director of the F.A.I.R. Voting Alliance, along with other organizations like Growing Real Alternatives Everywhere, North Flint Neighborhood Action Council, and Black Voters Matter.

The organizations are working to bridge gaps between the community and the city’s judicial system by working to bring down the number of people with outstanding warrants in Genesee County.

“There are roughly about 22 thousand outstanding warrants in the district court, roughly about 700 on the front of the court side. And it’s a win-win, literally for the entire community,” Glover said.

Glover hopes the guarantee of having no concerns of being arrested will help ease the community’s mind to attending the event.

“They’re not going to see the judges alone, on their own. They’ll have defense attorneys representing their interests and they’ll be given their options and guided along with their defense attorneys on how to best resolve their case,” said Judge Vikki Haley of the 67th District Court.

Judge Haley will be one the judges in attendance and hopes the clinic can be a learning experience for those who choose to attend.

“I know people are scared and they run away from court. And sometimes that just complicates the problem, because then, especially if it was for something small, if you’re arrested you could go to jail. We’re trying to avoid that. Come in, get your things cleared up, and give you a fresh start,” Judge Haley said. “District court is considered a people’s court, so this is where people can come for help and resources.”

Glover said he plans to put together more warrant clinics in the future.

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