MSU students react to allegations made against Mel Tucker

Published: Sep. 11, 2023 at 9:01 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Michigan State University is once again in the national spotlight as the Spartans head football coach is indefinitely suspended following a Title IX nine investigation.

“Honestly, it’s quite embarrassing for everybody at Michigan State,” said Devin Schaffer.

Head coach Mel Tucker is accused of sexual misconduct. Freshman Walter Charuba says this isn’t something the university can ignore.

“Especially with the other stuff that’s happened here. He had a wife and then he is doing all this stuff on the side,” said Charuba.

The university shared; they knew about the complaint but not the details of the investigation. Sophomore Madisyn Ellis says students know enough.

“I think what they’re telling us is all we need to know. It’s not really our business to be super concerned about it. Like we know the gist of it, we know what happened and so we should leave it at that,” said Ellis.

She is also proud Brenda Tracy stepped up and shared information that is often left in the dark.

“I applaud her for coming forward and talking about it, obviously. Because there are so many people that just stay silent about things like this.”

Charuba agrees and knows sexual misconduct is an on-going issue.

“It’s very much not just a one-time thing it can always happen again, which is scary, so it’s like a little hard to come out about that,” said Charuba.

And even with the lack of details freshman Devin Schaffer says nothing is final.

“Nothing is really proven without a lawyer, a judge, all that.”

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