New COVID-19 vaccine arrives at CVS Pharmacies

A new weapon to help in the fight against COVID-19; the original vaccines are no more.
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 6:18 PM EDT
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MICHIGAN (WNEM) - A new weapon to help in the fight against COVID-19; the original vaccines are no more. The FDA approved a new vaccine that will better protect against newer variants on Monday.

“We’re trying to make [getting the vaccine] extremely convenient,” said Sarita SaadeHarfouch, PharmD, CVS Health Regional Director.

The new COVID vaccine will soon be available to everyone.

The FDA approved updated vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer Monday, Sept. 11.

On Tuesday Sept. 12, a panel of advisers to the CDC voted in favor of its broad use for individuals 6-months and older, due to fears of increased respiratory illnesses nationwide this fall and winter.

“The old COVID vaccines are not as targeted as the new vaccine for the new variants that we are seeing,” SaadeHarfouch explained. “This is why you are starting to see COVID cases on the rise, because the new variants are different and the previous vaccinations that we had are not covering and protecting us as well as this new vaccine will.”

The new vaccine is already making it way to 270 CVS stores in Michigan - coming in on a rolling basis with some stores receiving it as early as Wednesday, Sept. 13.

SaadeHarfouch said patients can start scheduling appointments starting Wednesday for anyone 5 and up, but walk-ins are also welcomed.

“The whole family can walk in and get their vaccinations right there on the spot, again multiple patients at a time as well,” she said.

The new vaccine comes in time for cold and flu season as experts warn for the potential of a “tripledemic.”

SaadeHarfouch said they recommend patients get all available vaccinees.

“It’s critical for patients to get vaccinated with the flu vaccine. With this new COVID vaccine it’s critical for them to also get it. We’re getting more and more COVID cases across the country, we’re seeing them here in Michigan as well, and so it’s critical for them to get vaccinated. And so is RSV which is also on the rise,” she added.

Patients who receive any CDC recommended vaccine at a CVS Pharmacy will also receive a $5 off $20 to use on in-store purchases.

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