Cell phone video captures student attacking Michigan teacher


A student captured shocking moment on cell phone video of a classmate physically attacking a teacher.

The fight happened inside a classroom at Kalamazoo Central High School Tuesday and a day later Morgan Derhammer said it is still troubling.

"I was just horrified, as a parent, as somebody of the community, it was just terrible,” Derhammer said.

The video shows the student jump on his teacher's back and put him in a headlock, forcing the pair to crash into desks as some students instigated the fight and snapped photos.

It is unclear what caused the student to erupt into violence, but officials with Kalamazoo Public School fired off a robocall to parents notify them the student was arrested.

"For the student to already be facing things and all of that they acted quickly, from the sounds of it he was a problematic student in general. So, there should have already been steps not to be there,” Derhammer said.

The attack is prompting some community members to gather at the Douglas Center to discuss ways to prevent incidents like this.

"This student may be looking at some hefty charges. Because that teacher who I heard was a really good teacher handled that so well. It's so sad to see these events,” Derhammer said.

Derhammer said she hopes the fight shines a spotlight on teacher safety and better parenting.

"Parents need to start being more on top of their kids. There is no way any part of our community is going to get any better if we don't have better parents,” she said.

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