Look to the sky! Orionid Meteor Shower may be visible


Look up in the night sky and you may just be lucky enough to see shooting stars tonight.

The annual Orionid meteor shower has begun. This particular meteor shower happens every year as the earth passes through the orbit path of Comet Halley. We won’t see the comet of course, but as Earth goes through the debris left behind by Comet Halley we will see the meteors.

Meteors, or shooting stars, are the small pieces of debris left behind by comets that burn up when they enter our atmosphere. That the light you see streaking across the sky.

The Orionid meteor shower will peak overnight tonight and early in the morning Saturday, October 21. The best time to view the shower will be a few hours before dawn.

At the peak of the shower you could see between 10-20 meteors per hour and they will look like they are coming from the constellation Orion in the southeast sky.

Even though the Orionid meteor shower will not be particularly strong this year, we will still have a good chance at viewing it thanks to the new moon. Skies will be clear again tonight and Saturday morning, which means we have a good chance at seeing maybe a few meteors flying by.

If you want to go watch the shower find a dark place away from light pollution and look to the southeast sky a few hours before dawn. Be patient and watch closely and you have a good chance at catching sight of a shooting star or two.

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