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The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality said the city of Flint is in violation of the state safe drinking water act.

The state agency sent city hall a list detailing individual issues needing to be resolved.

If the fixes fall through the cracks it could cost the city a lot of money.

“I imagine that if we haven’t fixed these issues already. I can’t imagine it being something we were able to do,” said Andre Mamola, Flint resident.

The state recently urged city officials to sign an agreement that forces the city to fix significant deficiencies in the water system.

“But it’s not a bad idea for the city to take accountability for the actions here. Like it would be nice to see something finally get done about the Flint water situation. So it’s not a terrible idea,” Mamola said.

The state is asking the city to do things like implement a sufficient water rate structure, hire more staffing and buy a generator for water pumps.

Failure to comply with the consent order could cost the city up to $500 per violation per day.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said she has responded to the MDEQ’s request and is asking for more information on the details of the consent order.

“The city has consistently worked on implementation measures to correct significant deficiencies. As a result, it is not clear from your correspondence why the city would now need to enter into an administrative consent order,” Weaver said.

Mamola hopes the state and city can come to some kind of agreement for the sake of safe water.

“We’re buying a house here in Flint soon and we love the city. We have lived here our entire lives. So I don’t want this to be a stain on our reputation here,” Mamola said.

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