Michigan stray becomes record-breaking airport detection dog

Source: CBS

Inside the daily grind of international arrivals and customs at San Francisco International Airport you'll find the hardest working dog at the airport.

Meet Skipper.

The 8-year-old Beagle-mix was a stray from the frigid streets of northern Michigan when a shelter worker realized he liked to work and had him trained at the National Detector Dog Training Center in Georgia.

Skipper isn't a drug dog, he's looking for food that could bring dangerous pests into the United States.

Skipper has now obliterated a Port of San Francisco record.

“Right before Thanksgiving, he found a banana on a flight. A banana is not normally what you'd consider a big deal, but it was his 20,000 seizure,” said Peter de Souza, Skipper’s handler with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

The old record was 14,000 seizures.

“He knows when we're out here, we're working. And it's not so much working for him - it's a game. Find an item, you get a treat,” de Souza said.

Some items, like curry leaves and jasmine, earns Skipper a big treat.

“He's pulled me the full length of our carousels to get jasmine, because he knows he's gonna get a big treat for that,” de Souza said.

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