Michigan Sugar breaks ground on new plant, new jobs coming to area


The Michigan Sugar Company is breaking new ground in Saginaw County’s Carrollton Township.

Today Westway Feed and Michigan Sugar began a joint venture to create a liquid feed plant, and open-up a new market for Michigan Sugar’s beet farmers.

“It’s a 3700-square foot facility with the expectation that when they begin to sell their feed they can expand and build this out,” said Rob Clark, Director of Communications and Community Relations for Michigan Sugar.

That partnership will also allow Michigan Sugar to provide their naturally made molasses for Westway’s liquid feed.

“The molasses works as a protein and it also sweetens the feed.”

This joint venture will also be bringing new jobs to the area.

“Whenever we can utilize local contractors we do it. We want to keep that part of our project in-house,” said Scott Johnson, Project Manager for Pumford Construction Company.

Johnson said construction for the project will start on Monday, and will finish up sometime in the fall.

Until that time, Rob Clark hopes to include even more of Saginaw’s businesses in the project.

“It is a $1 million capital investment, so it’s just a great partnership as they say a win-win-win for everyone involved and we’re very excited to be a part of it.”

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