One year ago, Mid-Michigan was golfing


Late winter in Michigan, a time of year that draws a line in the sand. It's a tug of war between those longing for spring and those hoping the cold air sticks around a bit longer for those winter activities.

This winter has seen it's fair share of cold weather, but we've also had our January thaw along the way. While February has started on the colder side of things, it appears another thaw is on the horizon going into the start of next week.

By Monday and Tuesday, expect highs for many in Mid-Michigan to climb well into the 40s, with even some highs in the 50s possible over that two day span too. In case you're curious, the better odds for 50s would be on Tuesday, especially in the southern half of Lower Michigan.

Those warm temperatures will come with some baggage though, as plenty of rain will be moving through the region on both days.

Naturally, for a meteorologist anyway, record temperature info is worth at least a glance for winter warm ups to see how significant a warm up might be. When looking through Saginaw's records, a reminder of some previous February warmth was sitting right there... February 2017!

Not only was that the warmest February on record in Saginaw and the 2nd warmest in Flint, it featured a February weekend to remember, roughly around the same time last year.

On the weekend of February 18th-19th, 2017, Saginaw and Flint both saw days in the 50s and 60s that weekend and unlike the warmth that's arriving this week, it came with plenty of sunshine.

That lead to many Mid-Michigan residents heading out of the house to take advantage of the warmth by hitting the golf course and area parks, or spending some time fishing on the Saginaw River.

But, despite it being fun for some, it was a time of concern for local farmers, worried that their crops could flower early, showing how there's advantages and disadvantages to these wild temperature swings.

For some perspective on last year's warmth, Flint achieved it's 2nd highest February temperature on record that weekend, while Saginaw achieved it's 6th warmest. Here's a look back: An all-time February weekend.

Do you have a memory from that weekend?

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