Parents want answers after city closes Little League field

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Little League players and parents are feeling betrayed by their city, which shut down the use of a piece of property they have been using for years.

They were promised the use of that property even though it’s under new management.

The open area next to the baseball fields is where the Bay City Northeast Little League warms up and plays pick up games.

“They’ve been playing in this field for years. The fence behind me was a gate. City came in, took the gate out. Put in a solid piece of fencing,” said Justin Heidtman, with Bay City Northeast Little League.

Parents feel betrayed.

“I was ticked. Not upset, not irritated, I was ticked,” said Donald Eager, parent. “It’s for the kids. Come on.”

They were promised access to the field.

A company called Waste Management is the owner of the property. They haven’t had a problem with the kids for the past 12 years. They recently leased the land to the city, but had a condition to let the Little League be.

“Waste Management has agreed to give us this property. It’s written into the lease with the city,” Heidtman said.

The city sealed it off anyways.

City Manager Dana Muscott said the reason it was closed off is a liability issue. Before the city leased the land, nobody was using the nearby transfer station. Now they are and the permit said the property needs to be secure.

“I understand where they’re coming from in that aspect. It’s a piece of land that we use after the transfer station has been closed,” Eager said.

Heidtman said they keep watch to make sure kids don’t go near the building.

“Stay over here where we’ve always been. Don’t go playing around the building or anything,” Heidtman said.

The Little League president, the park’s director and the city manager are going to meet on Monday to try to reach a compromise.

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