A Mid-Michigan teen is in custody following an incident involving a local high school.

The Bay City Central High School principal released a statement to parents following the incident that put the school into secure mode at around 10:15 a.m. on Monday, May 14:"Yesterday we had a situation where we had to go into secure mode. There was a report of a student possibly in possession of a firearm. Administration was not able to confirm that the student had the gun at school, but it is important to note that the student left the building (and campus) before classes began and was not present on campus throughout the rest of the day.

We went into secure mode on the recommendation of the Bay City Department of Public Safety.

At no time was there ever a threat made against any students or staff of Central High School. We want to thank the Bay City Department of Public Safety for their quick response to this situation.

As always, the safety of the students and staff is our top priority."The Bay City Department of Public Safety said they responded to a report of a student with a gun in the school.

"The Bay City Department of Public Safety received a report of a Bay City Central High School student being seen in possession of a handgun in the school," Capt. Mark Turner said.

Turner went on to say a 15-year-old Bay City teen was taken into custody for a probation violation and that a handgun was also recovered.

It was initially reported the school was in secure mode for a threat off campus.

"The information that we had yesterday was the best as of that moment," Superintendent Stephen Bigelow said.

It turns out, a 15-year-old male student brought a handgun and showed it to another students inside the school.

Bigelow said that young man left the school before class began.

"Before we are reporting things out we need to know what the actual facts are. And that's a process. And in this case it involved the public safety department," Bigelow said.

He said at first he wasn't aware a gun had been inside the school until Bay City Public Safety got involved. He insists at no time were his students in any danger.

"We know that the threat isn't at school. There's no threat towards anybody. There's no weapon on campus. There's no student on campus. But certainly, to make sure that we're keeping our students safe, we don't want to have them wandering out when we don't know where this person is other than they're nowhere on campus," Bigelow said.

Bigelow said he is exploring the possibility of having metal detectors at the high school.

"Now that our bond has passed that's something that we can consider. I've heard pros and cons of metal detectors. I don't know if that's necessarily the route that we want to go, but certainly having that secure vestibule area and increased cameras and monitoring would be a huge help for us," Bigelow said.

The case has been forwarded to the Bay County Prosecutor’s Office for review, according to Turner.

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