Township takes issue with treasurer's living arrangements

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It was a war of words Thursday night at a local meeting of township officials.

It was about the treasurer's living arrangements.

Residents in Arenac Township were upset their taxpayer money was going to a treasurer who doesn't live in their town.

"If they want to sue the township over it, that's their call," Arenac Township Supervisor Timothy Hagley said.

Hagley said Treasurer Debra Rice and her husband Glen haven't lived in the township since October. That is when they moved into a new home in Bay County and demolished their old residence.

State law says officials have to live in the township they represent.

"They've been sucking the money off our taxpayers, doing all these little jobs when they're not even a resident," Hagley said.

The Rice family said the township is wrong. That is why when Debra Rice was told to turn in her keys, she kept calm and drank her coffee instead. Although she eventually complied.

She and her husband said they have multiple homes like the one in Linwood. They said instead of living in that nice house, they live outside the remains of their home in Arenac.

"The home is demolished in the process of building a new home and we have a camper we live in," Debra Rice said.

Her husband said they were staying the camper Thursday night.

Hagley said whether they're living in a trailer or not, that issue is up to a judge to decide.

Debra Rice said she believed the meeting was held illegally. She said it violated the open meetings act since she wasn't told the meeting was going to happen.

Hagley said the meeting was posted with 24 hours notice.

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