Weekend Snow

Let's face it, snow lovers have been left hanging so far this winter with snow seemingly coming at a premium through December and early January. 

But as we've seen true January temperatures move in recently, it appears we'll finally have a chance at some accumulating snow this weekend. It won't be a huge snow, but a decent appetizer for those who have missed the powder.

That snow this weekend will occur in two rounds.

The first will be one widespread event that occurs through the day on Saturday. The second will be lake-effect snow that develops off of Lake Huron on Sunday, impacting the Thumb and places near the shoreline in Iosco and Alcona counties. 

** Important Note: We will continue to adjust forecast expectations as necessary as new forecast data becomes available, so check back often. ** 

Saturday Snow

Snow will begin on Saturday morning and will push across the region through the afternoon before tapering off Saturday evening. 

The heaviest snow from this Saturday storm is expected to fall south of the TV5 viewing area, toward the Michigan state line and southward. If you're traveling in that direction on Saturday, plan for travel to get progressively more difficult the farther south you go. 

Snowfall expectations for our region will be highest near I-69, with early expectations of 1-4". Those amounts gradually taper off north of there with around an inch to three in the Tri-Cities and Thumb, less amounts north. 

snow weekend

**Picture above not including Sunday's lake effect snow accumulation. Only snow from Saturday. As the forecast become more clear, we'll make adjustments as necessary.***

Sunday Lake-Effect Snow

Lake-effect snow on Sunday will be possible in the Thumb and areas right along the Lake Huron shoreline, including counties like Iosco and Alcona. 

It's a bit tougher to pin down any lake-effect snow accumulations this far in advance, but if you're in the Thumb or along the shoreline areas north of the day, plan for the possibility of additional accumulation on Sunday.

As we get closer to Sunday, we'll be able to assess those additional amounts with more clarity. 

Bottom Line

Accumulating snow looks likely in Mid-Michigan this weekend. Amounts may be adjusted as we get closer to the event, so again, stay tuned. 

In addition to the snow, wind chills in the single digits and even below zero will be possible through the weekend. Be sure to dress appropriately if traveling, especially on Saturday when snow falls. 

If any advisories are issued, we'll be sure to let you know about them. 

For those who have been waiting for snow, we hope this helps, at least a little bit! If it's not enough, another chance is possible on Tuesday of next week. 

Stay with us as we track the storm and fine-tune the forecast. 

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