Transition seasons in Michigan are never easy, especially when it comes to the spring season. While snow isn't everyone's favorite topic either, at least the first few snows of the season have the holiday cheer to go along with them.

By March and April, we're usually ready to make progress. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn't always get that memo and Spring 2019 is one of those cases. 

What Is Normal For May?

First, let's find some perspective. In the month of May, our high temperatures in the Tri-Cities and Flint average 68 degrees for the month. The beginning of the month we're usually in the low 60s and by the end of it, we're typically in the low 70s. 

If we were to stop the month of May right now, Flint and Saginaw are both on pace for a well below average month. Flint is only averaging a high temp of 62.6 while the Tri-Cities is stuck at 59.1. 

Even cutting those temperatures some slack with averages only in the low 60s at the start of the month, Flint has had 6 days in the 40s and 50s, with 8 days in the Tri-Cities. 

Where Are The 80s?

While the below-average temperatures have been frustrating enough, those longing for the first 80s of the season have had the longest wait in more than a decade. 

As of May 15th, we still haven't had our first 80 degree day of the season, with Flint coming up just shy on May 9th at 78. The average day for our first 80? The 1st & 2nd of May. 

So just how long has it been since we waited longer than we have this year? The last time we waited longer than May 15th was all the way back in 2006 on May 25th, so it's certainly been awhile. 

It doesn't appear that there are any 80s on the horizon, at the moment anyway, in the 7-day forecast either. 

If we somehow make it to the start of June, that would be the first time we've waited that long since 1997. The longest we've ever waited? June 10th-11th of 1924, almost 95 years ago. 

Hopefully we're not waiting that long!

Data Source: NOAA Regional Climate Centers.

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