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There were more than 1,700 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Michigan on Tuesday.

As of July 27, there were a total of 901,683 confirmed cases with 19,902 deaths in Michigan.

There were 1,762 new confirmed cases and 19 deaths since Friday. That includes 15 deaths identified during a Vital Records review.

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For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. Older adults and people with existing health problems are among those particularly susceptible to more severe illness, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover.

As of July 16, the state is reporting 871,402 people have recovered.

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(36) comments


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In my opinion the covid stats are being made up to keep the populace in fear.


Saginaw county folks under 50 years of age have a China virus survival rate of over 99%. You really need to question if a potentially dangerous vaccine is right for healthy people under 50. No thank you! For people under 20 years of age in Saginaw Co, the current survival rate is 100% - no deaths due to China virus.

Mr. Y

Please stop reporting fake news. I know you are being paid to create fake news to drive fear. Enough is enough. Report the truth, not the twisted fake media truth. Reporters used to be reporters, but, since Obama overturned the law holding media responsible, all they report is garbage fabricated by people that should be unemployed and in jail for the result the fake news has achieved.

Mr. Y


Mr. Y

Please stop reporting fake news. I know you are being paid to create fake news to drive fear. Enough is enough. Report the truth, not the twisted fake media truth. Reporters used to be reports but since Obama overturned the law hiding media responsible all they report is garbage fabricated by people that should be unemployed and in jail for the result the fake news has achieved.

Bill C.

So here we are, Dec. 2020. The overall death rate in MI according to state figures is 2.4%, but the state is still counting any death as a covid death if the person has tested positive even if covid is not the actual cause of death, so that number is still artificially high. In addition, the total number of *all* deaths in the US is lower than it has been since 2013, which is mathematical proof that this pandemic poses no more of a lethal threat to this country than any other annually occurring flu.

The government's actions are therefore NOT constitutionally supported, and therefore continuing them can only be seen as tyrannical, despotic, seditious, power-grabbing acts of treasonous oppression.

Our state and Federal governments are now constitutionally invalid. You may now feel free to move about the cabin.

Vivian Anderson

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J 3100

Couldnt said it better my self. But you have to understand those sheep dont see the actual news. CBS, NBC, WNEM in ya and CNN. They do not ever show the president speaking he has had so many news conference's and the only channel that shows it is Fox News. I have turned it to every one if those channels and not 1 time has it had the president on. When I was a child if the president what to speak on national tv, every single channel had it on. Talk about one sided. It's sad. And the fact that people dont see that is beyond me. Also when our govenor backs up Biden after having sexual legagations against him. Is sickening. If people are gonna dismiss that and stick up for him. Then u might as well dismiss any other sexual accusations against anyone else.

And 1 more thing. My family have not been wearing a mask since day one. And are happy and healthy. And so is everyone around us. Including my mother, that had breast cancer, lung cancer and on oxygen. And she wouldn't be caught dead wearing one. And unfortunately shes a Democrat. But I still love her.

Carl,9753,7-406-98163_98173---,00.html Coronavirus data:

Confirmed cases (people testing positive) / Total # tested

07/06/20 4.90%

07/10/20 4.73%

07/12/20 4.63%

07/14/20 4.57%

07/15/20 4.52%

07/16/20 4.48%

07/17/20 4.43%

07/18/20 4.38%

07/19/20 4.32%

07/20/20 4.30%

07/21/20 4.27%

07/22/20 4.22%

07/23/20 4.19%

07/24/20 4.16%

07/25/20 4.18%

07/26/20 4.10%

07/27/20 4.06%

07/28/20 4.04%

07/29/20 3.95%

07/30/20 3.95%

07/31/20 3.92%

08/01/20 3.89%

08/02/20 3.86%

08/03/20 3.84%

08/04/20 3.82%

08/05/20 3.80%

Tyranny Checker


"new cases"????

so are those new cases because the test said they have "covid19"?

A test that is only approximately 60% accurate in the first place but then to top it off it shows up as positive if you have a common cold, influenza, pneumonia, or a myriad of other things....which in-turn, increases their numbers of so-called "new cases".



Reporter is unethically twisting the facts. Confirmed positive "cases" are continually going down. They were 4.9% of total tested, and have reduced every day since and is now 4.38% as of 7/18/20.


ALL of you that actually believe these numbers need to remove your head from the where ever its currently rammed into and start looking at what this is really all about.

The fact that so FEW people die of ANYTHING else these days should really open your eyes to the true agenda.

As for the whole Democrat/Republican aspect of it...Keep following that bouncing ball.


Couldn't have said it better myself.[thumbup]


I honestly mean no disrespect this is a legitimate question I was curious about what you were implying as to the what the true agenda was I am honestly curious. I also agree with you that I don't understand how something that has the same effect as a common flu is killing so many people and I'm also upset that at the shop that I work we either have to keep a mask on or if we get the vaccination now we don't have to wear a mask. So it kind of feels like this Corporation is forcing us to get the vaccination because I didn't want to get it but now I'm going to cuz I can't stand to wear a mask for 9 to 12 hours a day in a hot sweaty shop and I'm not too happy about it.


This reporting is VERY deceptive. According to, last week, verified positive results were 5.4% of those tested. Yesterday it was 4.9%, and today is 4.8%.


Why are these numbers always way different than what reports? They show less than 200 daily case for the past two days and you have reported more than that. Clear concise information is needed right now not copy and pasted articles.


Why do we continue to get half of the news?

There have been 53K cases identified. 5K plus have passed and let's say just for "easy math" sake 25K have "recovered".... What about the 23K "others".

Second, we used to see a graph of new cases....why have those ceased? Are the cases going up or have we flattened the curve

Lastly, there is a financial incentive for hospitals to "identify" Covid-19 as the "cause" of death. Do we believe that ALL covid deaths ARE covid deaths?

Our governor has deemed it permissible to see a dentist, but nothing in her order today about barbers....

Please, we, ALL of us are smarter and safer than that! I could go on an on...New York Higher death rate...FL older population,, WAY lower. Let's all start to look at things with a critical eye and stop being "Sheeple"


While I understand that there's a family behind every death, almost HALF the cases and HALF the deaths are in Wayne County and Detroit. Rather than a blanket order that makes no sense in the way it allowed some things and not others, a strict order should have been aimed at Wayne County and Detroit and a much more relaxed order for the rest of us. But hey! She wanted her 70 days and one way or another, she's bound and determined to get them. If she's nothing more than a one trick wonder, I'll be very surprised.

Older Lady

Ultraviolet Light kills germs. Can we buy these bulbs for our homes! They could be used in homes, offices, factories, stores, etc. Leave them on at night and germs gone in the morning. So easy. A Doctor recommended it.

Bill C.

No doctor would recommend that, unless it was "doctor" Jill Biden. The kind of UV light that kills germs is *shortwave* UV light. Exposure to that will burn your skin and cause blindness, not to mention adversely affecting your home furnishings. That is why you see it enclosed in special hooded cabinets at the barbershop/salon, and why it is used with a special directional stem and shield in the dentist office. The "safe" UV light you are thinking of is *longwave* UV light, commonly called blacklight, and is used to illustrate flourescence on posters, rocks, money, etc., but it is totally ineffective against germs.


April 29 Death Rates

New York: 159,865 cases 12,287 deaths = 7.6% death rate

Michigan: 40,399 cases 3,670 deaths = 9.1% death rate

Florida:: 33,193 cases 1,218 deaths = 3.67%

Is my math incorrect?

If not, what is Michigan doing wrong?

Older Lady

MAGA I vote in Michigan


this virus is all a bunch of lies we might have a few cases of it but not that many its all lies everybody who is sick is put under that Wuhan Virus i know somebody who went to the hospital they told family he had the virus it turned out it was a bacterial not the Wuhan virus they send him home and said he is a recovering virus patients where do you see that as Wuhan virus case he had the test and all and he was reported as a Wuhan virus patient all he had was a bacterial infection its all lies and the Governor is using this for her political advantage and she is lying to our state and Michiganders she has no integrity telling health workers to put everything under that Wuhan Virus when that virus only can be spread by contact PLEASE MICHIGANDERS THINK ABOUT THIS if pneumonia is a highly spreadable how come we never hear about that and we still in the flu season the governor is spreading fear and hysteria this needs to stop NOW she also can not tell us to stay at home there is no state of emergency in place or marshal law and only the president has that power her executive orders don't mean nothing she can only suggest she is not the president of the U.S.A

Davis Dogma

Rhetorical question, how stupid are you?

1. There is no such thing as “Wuhan” virus.

2. The governor has MORE authority over Michigan than the President, even more so since our current “President” is a useless pile.

3. The virus is real and so is the danger.

It’s morons like you that out our country in a mess like this.

J 3100

Wow keep watching CNN . Sheep

Davis Dogma

BTW, she CAN tel you to stay home.

She CAN fine you $1,000 for disobeying.

She CAN throw in in jail for it.

Get over it.


if democrats are allowed in the white house in 2020 this will be the norm for a long time across the country, don't be a fool

Davis Dogma

There will never be another Repugnican voted into office again.

At least not one as corrupt.

Democrats will take 2020 and will keep it for generations.


you really need to learn what an E.O. is.

It is NOT law. You can NOT be jailed for it.

Hipaa laws and ADA override E.O. 2020-147.

And to top it all off...Police aren't willing to enforce it.

You will continue to be their politically driven puppet..they love people like you.

Vivian Anderson

I just want the whole world to know about this spell caster that brought back my Lover to me within 24Hours he helps in relationship problem contact him by call/ WhatsApp: +2348022741942.


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