Two suspects were arrested after shots were fired at a business in Saginaw, injuring one person.

Wednesday afternoon, a Saginaw police officer was on a routine patrol heading west on Court Street when they saw a vehicle shooting toward Annie Mae's Internet Café, located at 1220 Court St., according to the Saginaw Police Department.

Rhonda Bridgewater's business is littered with bullet holes. The windows resemble swiss cheese, and the glass on her front door is gone. 

"Pissed. Upset. It's just ridiculous," Bridgewater said. "Some young men came in to order their food. I was making their food. And next thing you know I heard shots flying out everywhere. And all I did was the best thing I could do was get on the floor."

According to police, two men blindly fired shots from a vehicle outside the business. At least nine bullets struck the building. 

An officer pursued the vehicle and the two suspects fled on foot a few blocks away near Andre and Ames Street.

Bridgewater said there were five people inside the café at the time. She's grateful things didn't turn out worse.

"It would've been a horrible situation. And knowing that we are ok and the person that got shot is going to be ok, that's just a blessing," Bridgewater said. 

Other Saginaw police officers with a K9 unit were sent and apprehended the two suspects, Saginaw Police said. A pistol believed to be used in the shooting was also recovered.

The suspects were lodged in the Saginaw County Jail pending charges.

A 53-year-old man who was struck in the foot was taken to Covenant Hospital for treatment. He was not believed to be the intended target and was only a patron at the café, the police department said.

No other suspects are believed to be connected to this shooting.

Bridgewater says her business will reopen on Monday. She never wants to see something like this happen again.

"Put the guns down. Put them down. That's not solving anything. Gun violence doesn't solve anything. And i just hope that this stops, I really do," Bridgewater said. 

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