A LOOK INSIDE: Toys at Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland


Time is running out to find toys that will make your child jump for joy. The world's largest Christmas store is right here in Mid-Michigan, and they say some of this year's most popular items are classics.

“I've been here about 22 years, and it's been quite a change, just expanding all the different merchandise, different lines that we carry,” said Nicole Ruppal, assistant superintendent of the gift department at Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland.

While you won’t find anything super high-tech at Bronner’s, Ruppal said you will find the classics that any kid would love to unwrap.

“We've got three or four different trains that we carry. We've got a couple new ones. There's a Disney train and we've got the Polar Express of course that actually comes with Tom Hanks' voice and the little bell. They like tradition, put it around the bottom of their trees,” Ruppal said.

Maria Sutorik is part of the Bronner's family. She said trains are a Christmas-time staple that never goes out of style.

“Trains are a classic. That's one comment we get is people are so nostalgic about trains. They have them running around their tree as a young child and they wanna bring that back for their child or grandchild,” she said.

Another classic gift is puzzles.

“They're a good wintertime activity, when it's a little too chilly to go outside,” Sutorik said. “After you go to all that work and finding the matching pieces, it's kinda heart-breaking to rip it apart again. So, you can have the puzzle glue and a lot of people frame it on their wall and change the puzzles like posters.”

Who didn’t grow up with a “golden book” or two? They’re still around, and still in high-demand.

“We've got Frozen ones, we've got Transformers, we also have some of the old versions that come back like Pokey's Little Christmas and The Night before Christmas, so those sell quite well, too,” Ruppal said.

You're not truly ready for a visit from Santa until the Elf on a Shelf spends a few weeks getting the kids ready, right?

“Elf on a Shelf comes around on Thanksgiving, of course, disappears for Christmas Eve, and there's all kinds of new accessories. So, he or she can appear in different outfits,” Sutorik said.

If you have a really little one, there is something even they will love.

Bronner’s has an elephant that plays peek-a-boo!

“Perfect for a little baby boy or girl. He's not pink or blue, so if you don't know what someone's expecting,” Sutorik said.

If you'd like to see what else Bronner’s offers, just check out the store's online catalog. >>Click here<<

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