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The smile when you're getting your morning coffee or the "have a nice day," after grabbing a quick lunch on your break is common for fast food workers in the United States.

Nathan Sonoras, McDonald's employee, said he has about four years of experience working for the company. He is 23-years-old and said he chooses to work at the fast food restaurant.

"I came back to this after several other jobs because I wanted to. I love working at this job," Sonoras said.

On Wednesday, fast food executive Andrew Puzder dropped out of the running for labor secretary after facing bipartisan opposition.

Part of that criticism came when a 2011 recording was released in which Puzder said fast food companies, including his own, hire "the best of the worst."

That comment didn't sit well with Sonoras.

"Sometimes it's a personal choice and don't get me wrong, a lot of people who don't have the opportunity to get a really nice job - they will work here. But that's the good part about working jobs like this. There's always room for improvement and people don't always see that," Sonoras said.

Sonoras also thinks fast food workers are fairly compensated.

"I don't think the minimum wage should be raised just for people who work in fast food. I think it's all work based, your work ethic, someone who works hard. Yeah, they deserve a little more money," Sonoras said.

Larry Peters, owner of some local McDonald's restaurants, said there's actually a lot of room within the company to grow.

"The majority of owner operators throughout the U.S. all started as crew members. So there's a lot of advancement," Peters said.

Which is something Sonoras is taking full advantage of.

"I think the only struggle I might have is learning the new job I have to do while moving up into management," he said.

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