Shady Acres Mobile Home Park

Battling blight is the goal of a new partnership in Genesee County.

Once a hot spot for illegal dumping, Shady Acres Mobile Home Park in Flint is now slated for demolition.

“I’ve always said it doesn’t have to look like it did years and years ago. But it shouldn’t look like it does now,” said Annette Reynolds.

Reynolds has been trying to get something done about the mess at the abandoned mobile home park in the Rollingwood neighborhood in Flint. She even started a Facebook page to get it removed.

On Thursday, her hard work paid off and she received some good news.

“The entire mobile home park will be demolished and all foundations, concrete and debris will be removed,” Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said.

The Flint eyesore has seen its final days.

On Thursday, Weaver announced they are demolishing the abandoned mobile home park.

“Yeah, we’re happy. The estimated demolition is about $378,000 in funding and the money came from the city, community development block grant, as well as the Genesee County treasurer funds,” Weaver said.

The City of Flint, the Genesee County Land Bank and the country treasurer say they are working together to clear the area that has been abandoned since 2015.

City Councilman Santino Guerra said this is going to make a big difference in his ward.

“I think this is a step in the right direction. Yes, let’s take a lot more steps to get where we need to be but it is definitely moving forward,” Guerra said.

Shady Acres has become a hot bed for illegal dumping.

Weaver said the dumping will also be addressed in this project.

“Funding even includes a barrier because we wanted to stop dumping in the future,” Weaver said.

Reynolds is glad she got her point across.

“The residents are going to be really happy to be able and drive by and not see this,” Reynolds said.

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