The Oakland County Sheriff's Office confirmed Saturday morning the Detroit Police Department arrested James and Jennifer Crumbley, the parents of the accused Oxford school shooter, in the early morning hours.

A business owner called the Detroit Police Department after they saw the Crumbleys vehicle in their business's parking lot on Bellevue near Jefferson. 

The sheriff's office said the business owner saw a woman near the car. After he called 911, she fled on foot. 

Saturday afternoon, Oakland County Sheriff Michael McCabe said a manhunt was activated when charges were issued to locate them immediately. 

The sheriff's office partnered with officials from the United States Marshals, including a fugitive apprehension team and the FBI to locate the suspects. 

At 1:30 a.m., the Crumbleys were taken into custody at an art studio on 11 Bellevue Street in Detroit.

"They were formally lodged in our jail at about 3 o'clock in the morning," McCabe said. "All three of them are segregated in isolation."

McCabe said the Crumbleys and their son are currently under a suicide watch to determine if they are threats to themselves. 

The sheriff's office is also in communication with the prosecutor's office about new evidence. 

"We believe they were assisted to get in that location," McCabe said.

Jennifer and James Crumbley were arraigned Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. Both parents plead not guilty to all four counts of involuntary manslaughter. 

Attorneys for the parents said the couple planned to turn themselves in. 

McCabe said suspects can turn themselves into authorities, but his office will not wait for that to happen.

"We're going to look for you immediately. We are not going to sit at the front desk tapping our fingers until they come in," McCabe said. "Were they actually going to do it, I don't know. Given they were hiding in a warehouse in Detroit certainly raises my eyebrows." 

Anyone with information on Ethan Crumbley or Jennifer and James Crumbley can contact or call 248-858-4911. 

Jennifer and James Crumbley are expected back in court on Dec. 14 for a probable cause conference. 

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